Elevating Level of Corporate Housing Comfort with Smart IoT Devices


Live smartly and safely. Come to Northern California, one of the best states in the United States, to experience if this is really true.

This goes beyond enjoying the sunny and relatively stress-free lifestyle that has evolved around the Bay Area, or the proximity to the Silicon Valley and other tech hubs which can make you one of the first ones to try out the latest innovations that are defining our living spaces.

Smart and safe living in Northern California actually starts right in your own home.  ‘Smart homes” are being designed and created to let you bask in your own private space, replete with modern amenities, and augmented with the latest technology to make sure you live your life to the fullest.  Safety comes with the reality and the knowledge that your personal habitat, and those who live in them, are shielded from intrusion, crime, and the other sources that can do damage or harm.

The need for security and a desire for the more enhanced lifestyle has boosted the growth of smart homes (outfitted with Internet of Things) in the U.S. Research from Berg Insight says the number has risen to 18 million last year, with 13 million found in the northern part.

The most advantageous place to start is with the units leased by California Corporate Housing, which are found in Santa Clara, San Jose, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo, and Sunnyvale.  It looks forward to having smart, IoT devices be part of the accommodations, which should elevate one’s level of comfort and sense of security.

Wink, one of the lead designers of smart home products, lives up to its name because its services do allow you a more sound sleep. Wink is an integrated smart-home platform that interconnects all the basic and critical functionalities that can be found in any 21st century living space, from the security sensors, the thermostat, the lighting and electrical connections, the smoke alarm systems, and the garage control devices.  The platform can then be connected to your smart phone or cell device, allowing you to virtually access your home even though you may be working in your office or in the middle of traffic.  Just click on the app to assure yourself that everything is all and well at home, even though you may be physically distant from it.

Advanced sensors can be programmed to notify you of any unwarranted or irregular attempt at entry.  The same can be done to your smoke alarm systems, immediately alerting you, should damaged electrical circuits or a gas leak start turning into fire risks.

Wink’s smart devices can also help you create a healthy lifestyle that will generate more energy for your daily activities. Thermostats can be set and reset at ambient temperatures while you sleep, while the integrated home lighting can be adapted and moved to levels that allow your body to slow down as a precursor to relaxation.

Supplementing all this is Amazon Echo, which is also found in some California Corporate Housing units.  This voice-control device lets you unwind by playing your favorite songs or reading that e-bestseller, all within a few seconds after you make a verbal comment about it.  And should you be in the mood to still continue working, you can call up stock tips, the latest news reports, and weather forecasts in preparation for the next day’s travel.

This is smart, safe living at its best. It empowers you to be on top of your game while reducing the reasons for your stress and anxiety.  Smart homes are the future – and Northern California, especially within Silicon Valley distance, is an ideal place to promote, install IoT devices in homes. Tenants here won’t mind having IoT devices around to make their lives easier.