10 Survival Tips for Lone Corporate Renters

It should be easier to get married so you don’t have to live alone and think of surviving just by yourself, right? But what if you’re married but still live alone? We’ll give you three scenarios. Either you’re on your way to getting a divorce, you’re temporarily separated or you’re just alone because you’re taking care of business away from your wife and kids for a few months.

If no one is responding when you say, “Honey, you’re home,” you’d technically be alone. And for some who’s not used to being alone for long stretches, in a new place, you may conjure some scary scenarios like how to do the Heimlich maneuver if nobody’s around.

Not to worry. From the National Library of Medicine, we unearthed these moves when you’re choking:

  1. Make a fist. Place the thumb below your rib café and above your navel.
  2. Grasp your first with your other hand. Press it into the area with a quick upward movement.

You can also lean over a table edge, chair or railing. Quick thrust your upper belly area (upper abdomen) against the edge.

If you need to, repeat this motion under the object blocking the airway comes out.

Is this too unnerving for you? You could also choose to get coupled and teach each other the Heimlich maneuver, just one among other maneuvers you’re going to do with the other person (wink).

Kidding aside, here are some survival tips for lone corporate renters:

  1. Learn to do the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. See above.
  2. Use your dishwasher to wash things other than dishes. You can wash combs and plastic hairbrushes, flip flops, hats, pet toys, sink sponges
  3. Use a mason jar to store for a week’s worth of leftover wine. Make sure jar is filled and no air gets into it.
  4. Use a small paint roller to apply lotion or sunscreen to your back
  5. Open a stubborn jar using rubber bands. Put one rubber on the lid, another on the jar. The bands provide friction.
  6. Buy organic milk. It stays fresh longer.
  7. Keep a bottle of soda from going flat. Just shake it before putting back on fridge.
  8. Use a safety pin and a string to zip up the back of a dress.
  9. Use tongs to reach an item on a steep shelf.
  10. Use Windex to move a heavy appliance. Spray around the feet of the appliance to make it slide smoothly. (DC)