5 Things Most People Look For in a Corporate Apartment

It’s easy to search for an apartment online. You create a filter for your search and you get the apartment you want, right? Well, it also depends on your preference, of course.

Ray Madronio, our CEO and co-founder, has helped assist corporate housing providers for many years now. He said there are five things people ask about when they are apartment hunting for their talents or themselves.

  1. It has to be close to their work

    If has to be really close, walking-distance close, if possible. It will save them money from commuting and lets them have more time to enjoy their life. On average, people spend 300 hours a year commuting to their place of work. Imagine what you could do with that extra 300 hours. In heavily congested areas, you lose 600 hours of your life in a year. Many of the corporate travelers are not provided a car by their company so walking to work is their only option.

  2. Internet has to be blazing fast

    If you’re a corporate housing provider, keep this in mind. If you have it, make sure you to flaunt it as well. If you’re a customer, simply ask your host about it. Uploading large files or streaming Netflix movies are the norm. Every day.

  3. The higher the floor the better

    Guests like taking in the view of the city and cutting down noise from street life. Who wants to hear blaring sirens in the dead of night? It’s okay to be close to the action as much as possible, but if there’s one thing they don’t like to compromise on, they want to come home to a quiet apartment after a hard day’s work at the office.

  4. It has to make them feel secure

    When you’re being relocated to a new city, you’re not going to give your absolute trust to it. Being new, you’ll be more cautious. It’s important to feel secure, starting from the doorman and reception below to the security systems. Do the apartments have double locks, cameras, etc? Even before booking, you need to make sure the apartment is safe. California Corporate Housing offers only vetted corporate housing.

  5. Guests must have options quickly

    In the past, guests had to do their own manual search online or look with a local relocation consultant or rental agent/broker. That’s a time-consuming process, even if it’s just to find out what a few corporate housing providers offer. If you’re a corporate provider, guests want to have options quickly, so they can book quickly. (DC)

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