5 Ways to Handle 100 Assignees Coming Your Way

How do global mobility specialists deal with housing when it happens simultaneously? And when we talk about simultaneous here,
we’re not talking 1 or 2 people but 100 to 200 people. It’s not a dare, mind you. For that number of assignees moving in, you’ll most likely need two or three trusted partners plus their inventory. You can be quick on your feet but you’re also set up to fail if you think you can hack it alone.

And it’s not like you’re going to be housing them in just one apartment community by the way, but giving yourself and these transferees options in different rentals, which makes a staggered move-in schedule for such a huge number of people just the most sensible thing to do.

After all, the extra hands are not just there to assist you with your workload but to also make sure no time is wasted. Count the fact that you’ll be dealing with different personalities on a massive scale. No one can please everybody, for sure.

Still, you got to answer their questions and concerns—and that eats up a lot of time. If you’re undermanned, it becomes a serious concern, because it can slow things down.

Here are some 5 ways to help you manage hundreds of transferees:

  1. Get two or three trusted partners plus their inventory  — as stated above and worth reiterating here for the daunting task.
  2. Move fast. The faster you settle the move for your guests the better. This will reduce potential problems that crop up in any move-in delay. It’s best to give them peace of mind right away as delays can cause worry.
  3. Getting some help also help you execute your own tasks, allowing you to see the bigger picture and take on more strategic responsibilities.
  4. Plan ahead. Have lots of “how-to’s,” “housing overviews” or “neighborhood overviews” to get your transferees assimilated in their chosen area quickly.
  5. Give them a welcome packet. Akin to frequently asked questions (with answers) on many sites, the welcome packet answers all the basic questions your mover may ask of you. Is there a coffeemaker? Is there Wi-Fi and what is the password? Is there a hair dryer? Is there cable TV? Are there towels and sheets?

Having a welcome packet is a must-have resource for your transferees. This can reduce the number of questions fielded as you conconcentrate on helping them make the transition to their new apartment and environment easily.  (DC)