Alone in a Corporate House? Here’s What Renters Do

If you’ve had roommates most of your waking hours (family counts) and then suddenly got relocated for work, it’s a safe bet you’re going to be alone in an apartment your office set up for you.

If it’s a corporate rental, it’s going to be different from a hotel, where there’s not much to maneuver around. You open the door and there’s the bed and inside one small door, the toilet and bathroom.  That’s it.  In that small space, the impulse is to head out.

In a corporate rental, you may prefer to stay home in your downtime, because it’s going to feel like home. It would have your everyday necessities plus better amenities and furnishings.

Let’s call it an upgrade in terms of accommodation, but what you get the most out of it is privacy, which may just show your worst side if you suddenly act like you just finished high school when you’re in a corporate rental.

Now that would be a downgrade, especially if you’re already pushing middle age.

Here are some interesting things we’ve heard our renters do and when it may be time for you to have a roommate again:

  1. Play music loud.

    If you know the movie Risky Business, Tom Cruise celebrates his first night alone in his parents’ home by lip-synching to “Old Time Rock and Roll” in his briefs. Some air guitar riffs are excusable if you’re at least playing the blues and Old Soul.

  1. Sing and dance.

    You can’t sing but we’ve heard renters go loose and give a song-and-dance number like they’re on Broadway. Granted, we have renters that perform Broadway and what better to practice without embarrassing yourself than by doing it alone first.

  1. Oversleep.

    It’s easy to oversleep when nobody is around. You’ll say you’re recharging but you’re just being lazy. Who else is there to chastise you, anyway? Ok, we’ll give you a pass if it’s the weekend.

  1. Cook anything you want.

    If you like cooking fish and you have good ventilation in your corporate rental, then you don’t have to worry. No one is going to know if you’re actually cooking dirty socks.

  1. Leave the bathroom door open.

    If nobody’s around, you may not care if the toilet seat is up or down. You will most likely not even close the door

  1. Talk to yourself.

    Pose in front of the mirror and say, “You talkin’ to me?” like your Robert De Niro. Yes, it should be okay to talk to yourself as long as you don’t go crazy on us. You’re just practicing your business pitch, right? Better invite someone to your apartment when you do this, so you can better access if you’re doing it correctly. Outside of practice, it can be creepy, though. Stay sane!

If you do all of the above to a fault, consider them tell-tale signs for you to get a roommate, pronto! (DC)