Top Apps for Hiring Events Have Gamification, Interview Scheduling Features

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Everyone calls it a job fair. These days, a job fair is also called hiring event. A hiring event is where employers, recruiters and interested candidates connect. The event names have changed but they’re the same except now, one schedule interviews using various mobile event-management apps. With technology, job fairs of old are evolving and paving the way for a redefinition of job events.

Hiring events are held in convention centers, hotels, or businesses but buoyed up by new ways of getting talents onboard. Interested candidates are still offered the opportunity to attend a hiring event where any talent can schedule dates to interview directly with a recruiter, hiring manager, or panel–using these apps.

There are many other high-volume event possibilities and apps can help companies segment data better. Which you choose depends on whether you’re putting out hiring fires (need to onboard multiple workers as soon as possible) or want to grow your talent database for future needs,” recruitingdaily.com reported.

The marked difference is that global mobility managers can unleash their creativity and data mindset using apps that can help build a talent database more effectively.

Holding a hiring event with apps is also a way to reach out to passive candidates. They comprise 70 percent of the current pool of candidates. If by chance they are in a hiring event, one should take advantage and ask them questions that can help global mobility companies turn them into more active candidates with data analysis.

If a hiring event is not the way to go, holding meetups, using apps to ask them topics they would like to be discussed, they can also do so using an app. Prospects may prefer to share their thoughts and give more illuminating sights from an illuminated screen.

Holding a hackathon would be even better as one can see how these talents perform on the spot, under pressure and in the so-called limelight. Apps help to to enable pre-event registration, allowing for uploading of resume, scheduling interviews and many more. Some of these apps use QR codes to plan interview schedules in advances.

Others use gamification. They help plan, document and share the event as well as keep candidates engaged and informed and, by powering candidate profiles, provide recruiters with a look at the digital acuity and communication skills of each candidate.

Technology is working to make these events more organized, more data-driven. It has actually changed organizations’ perspective toward event management. To better capture the right talents, here are some event-management apps from :

Teem, for instance, is a mobile conference tool that organizes and communicates with event attendees. The app allows users to view newsfeeds, build agendas, create surveys and upload floor plans. A rating system provides instant feedback.

Webmobi is a simple customer engagement program that facilitates real-time push messaging across multiple platforms, provides event reports and analytics and helps in terms of finding similar events. The best part may be the fact that the app can be accessed offline.    

10Times App lets you curate events based on your industry. A Managed Visitor list lets anyone who are attending the event. A Connect feature lets you network with attendees. One can easily share events with business associates and clients. Some like for how it can host a streamlined ticketing page.

Whova is a great platform for event organizers that aims to revolutionize event engagement and networking. Attendees can plan their experiences with a focus on meeting contacts. They can also maximize opportunities to participate in the right sessions. A built-in system provides an overview of key attendees’ social profile.