Top Bay Area Suburbs Recommended by Locals Are Closer to San Francisco

Describing where San Francisco and Silicon Valley are based on location (a region in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, referring to the San Clara Valley) is to simplify things, but many of those who work at Google (38 miles away from San Francisco), Facebook (about 30 miles) or Netflix (42 miles) make that choice to live   in Silicon Valley for practical choices. It’s close by.

However, Silicon Valley the mindset extends to San Francisco and yes, all over the world. Its name of course was inspired by a group of young intrepid men who formed Fairchild Semiconductor to build silicon transistors more than 60 years ago. Today, Silicon Valley represents the pursuit of innovation in high technology, venture capital and more recently, artificial intelligence.

For assignees of Google, Facebook, Netflix, Nvidia and too many other big companies to mention, living in Silicon Valley just makes sense when it also shares the comforts of a modern metropolis. The upscale Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose is one of the largest malls in the United States and is still finishing its $600 million expansion. It connects to  Santana Row, an outdoor shopping and dining experience.

Working in technology startups can be very stressful. A warm, hospitable suburb that can make them feel at home, as well as comfortable, can go a long way in seeing to it that they do adapt and happily at that. Global mobility managers in turn can see that that happiness can fuel their productivity in the workplace.

Still, it depends on the companies where they set up shop as well. Mountain View and Palo Alto are too expensive. It’s interesting if the trend of setting up shop in San Francisco will continue. Salesforce built the tallest building in the city.

Below are three areas where some property developers, media platforms, and residents think are new locations good for their family-friendly atmosphere, highly literate and efficient school systems, safe and diverse-friendly neighborhoods, as well as culture that promotes health and a happy well-balanced lifestyle.

It’s a given that many would like to live near their office locations but for some, they would like to be halfway between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. In this listing, though, they’re closer to San Francisco.

San Mateo is preferred residential area

Transport or commute time is one of the factors that assignees consider in relocating to a new city or town. They want the trip to their new workplaces where they literally have a chance to change the business world to be quick, convenient, and eventless. T

The high level of transport service also removes a lot of the stress going to and from their new offices. nominates San Mateo as a preferred residential area when it comes to this quality.

Assignees can speed to San Francisco via Interstate 280 or Highway 101 in just 35 minutes. The Caltrain takes residents there from Silicon Valley or San Francisco easily.

Albany gets top prize for school system

The Berkeley Parents Network gives this suburb top prize for the high quality of its school system and its low crime rate. Parents say that they actually feel safe when their kids commute or walk the neighborhoods. Overall grade from Niche is A+.

This confidence is needed as assignees and their families can wander around and within minutes enjoy a good meal in an exotic restaurant or catch a performance in a nearby theater.

Diversity is strong in the suburb and foreigners feel welcome and easily blend in. One reason for that is the widespread civic spirit that runs throughout the suburbs. Government and private sectors alike fund after school care for small children, sports activities for teens and young adults, and neighborhood organizations that allow residents to get to know each other.