Bay Area’s Rising Startups Give Talents More Choices

There are tech giants in the San Francisco Bay Area that naturally and inevitably draw in top talent from all over the United States, as well as from other countries.

Global mobility managers are always advised to keep an eye out for these companies and their recruitment needs as one leverage to bring in promising talents. However, it’s not just the formidable if usual suspects such as Facebook, Google, Salesforce, and Adobe that have been getting more than their due attention.

The following startups and/or fast-rising companies have also gotten a second (or more) look from candidates who want to get solid experience in the tech industry.

Cloudpassage:  The Muse names this cloud security vendor as a must-watch tech company for 2018. It describes Cloudpassage as one of the cutting-edge leaders that keep on exploring the potentials of the cloud to provide security to any kind of business in any environment.

One thing that has made it succeed, and which also draws in talent, is the peer environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Talents do not just get to voice their opinions and ideas to the executive wing, but actually work closely with clients themselves to improve their services. It’s a win-win situation for all. And those bi-weekly catered lunches and $200 cellphone allowances don’t hurt either.

National MI:  Fortune cites this fintech company in Emery as one of the great places for employees to work in. Finances and funding usually rouse images of cut-throat competition and execs who value their paycheck more than people. But the staff in National MI all claim that they have been all made to feel like family, which accounts for the extraordinary morale in the place.

The atmosphere of trust and transparency in turn boosts productivity. Another factor that has fueled its success is the entrepreneurial attitude that the company encourages in its 249 employees.

Asana:  Fortune also gives huge points to project management software Asana for drawing in and retaining top talent. The happy employees say that they stay because of the company’s emphasis on work-life balance. While the winning attitude is embedded in the culture, health and happiness are not shunted aside in favor of getting the top prize. Management also encourages openness and a willingness to listen to other’s ideas.That kind of welcoming spirit also lowers pride and any reluctance, which in turn nullifies any attempt at subterfuge and backstabbing.

HotelTonight:  This startup is attracting the young and the talent who are not afraid to think out of the box and disrupt the hotel and accommodations industry. Muse says that it is pushing boundaries way beyond what AirBnb has done. Just take a look at how its app operates. HotelTonight can provide last-minute accommodations or bookings to travelers who, for some emergency reason or another, need them ASAP. Employees like the fast pace of the industry, and enjoy solving problems and all those tough challenges that disruption unleashes together, as a company and community.

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