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Best Practices in Global Mobility (a series)

Today’s companies are deploying more workforce globally to expand their reach. It’s not easy to implement International assignment policies but Global Mobility Solutions provided us with best practice considerations based on its industry surveys with the benchmarking of over 98 multinational companies. For global mobility specialists offering long-term positions, below are some considerations to file in one’s mental checklist for recruiting the best talents out there.

The list here forms part of a series on best practices in this industry.

Visa and immigration

Company sponsors work permit/visa for employee. Visas for eligible family members procured so that accompanying family members may legally reside at the destination location.

Medical examinations

Company reimburses expenses not covered by the employee’s insurance related to immigration only (eg. vaccinations and/or certificates of health) for employee and accompanying dependents

Global tax briefing and filings

Professional tax services that include orientation briefing, record keeping tools and annual filing support as as repatriation briefing as applicable

Renter disposition and area orientation

Lease break assistance and 5 days of home search and viewings with a destination services consultant

Schooling assistance

2-day professional assistance with finding schools, setting up appointments and registration with a destination services consultant

Auto disposition

Reimbursement of lease cancellation or loss on sale for one or two vehicles–not to exceed $2,500 or equivalent

Cultural training

Up to 2 days of country-specific cultural training through an independent provider with length and type of training based on relocation policy type; programs include children

Language training

75 hours for pre-departure and post-arrival for employee and accompanying family to meet business and social needs

Miscellaneous allowance

A one-time payment, either a fixed amount or a percentage of base salary (often capped) to assist employees with expenses not specifically addressed in the policy; a month’s salary capped between $7,500 and $10,000 (tax-assisted)

Shipment of household goods and personal effects

This includes packing, transport, insurance, unpacking and custom duties while also addressing container/weight size guidelines for surface and/or air shipments as well as storage in transit (30 to 60 days) and long-term storage and insurance coverage