Carmel the Village is Designed for Discovery, Convenience Amid Tech Titans

Do you prefer luxurious comfort or simple functional digs? When reading most reviews of apartments, you’ll notice one thing that apartment seekers seem to agree on: convenience.

Carmel the Village is an enclosure of luxury apartments in the center of Mountain View, Northern California. Google, Facebook, and other industry leaders that have shaped the planet are close by — and that sense of ongoing discovery permeates the entire place. The big companies are also close to Stanford University.

Still, it surprises us how apartment seekers downplay the proximity of these institutions for the lure of a nearby Trader Joe’s or Safeway.

Carmel the Village itself has been designed for discovery. The resorts, the huge neighborhood pool that immediately invites you to dive in, and the apartment units give you the feeling something new will always greet you around every  corner.

The living spaces in Carmel the Village are a dazzling explosion of color amidst a backdrop of diverse wall paintings and sleek, stylish rugs — quite different from the usual gray, stiff exteriors of the modern apartment unit. Modern amenities include a state-of-the-art entertainment complex and smart kitchens.  

The same vibrancy is available just a few blocks away from the Village. Cultural buffs can catch innovative independent film or provocative theater pieces being performed at the Stanford Theater. Nature lovers could explore the marshlands and animal habitat of the Stevens Creek Trail, while bikers, hikers, pet lovers, and athletes could just enjoy a quick run through it. If you’re in the mood for food, cafes, boutique restaurants, and kitchen grills serve a diverse cuisine that can satisfy your palate. Ambience stays faithful to contemporary American cuisine, while you can munch and crunch through corn cabs and exquisite salads in the Veggie Grill.