Stiff Competition Makes Retaining Tech Talents Just as Challenging as Recruiting Them

As a global mobility manager, the thrill of signing up the cream of the crop from the tech sector can only bode well for your career, especially if you managed to wean some of them away from the tech giants who pay a higher compensation package than your client can.  Now that the initial euphoria is over, the next challenge looming over you is how to retain these top tech talents and prevent them from moving to the competition?

It certainly won’t happen overnight, as they just signed on. But the tech industry is a very competitive business (especially in Northern California), and ambitious achievers are always courted with one bigger and more attractive pay and perk after another.

How do you make them stay and wait for the next international assignment?

One important tip: it might take a combination of workplace flexibility, job fulfillment, tech savviness, and leadership guidance.

First, invest in the latest tech tools. Entrepreneur advises that one way to lure and keep tech talent is by giving them something that they truly value. This could be anything as long as it helps them not just do their job correctly and efficiently, but also keep them engaged and happy.

This incentive could be devices or challenges that stimulate their brains and creativity. If they’re fun and engaging, your young tech talent will appreciate it. One more advantage to tech investment: the happiness and thrill your tech talents experience can help in alleviating on-the-job pressure and managing their stress factors.

Next, give these tech talents opportunities for learning — and then lay out a career path that will advance their careers. This particular piece of advice comes from

LinkedIn Solutions. Fulfillment on the job is one constant factor that can help retain your tech talent. But their appetite for learning has to be fed as well. More important, they must see that these learnings are instrumental to their going up the career ladder — in your organization. Employees who do not see a clear way of advancement before them are 12 times more than likely to leave the company.

Support such as online learning resources and off-work mentoring can make your tech talent focused and motivated. These learning opportunities should also have a feedback mechanism that allows them to be heard and contribute their ideas to the discussion.

Knowing that their ideas are valued and that they are making a significant contribution to the organization will boost their self-worth and align their goals with your organization.

Recognition that you are investing in their training as leaders will encourage them to stay for the long haul. The greater the possibility that they can influence the direction of the company, the greater the incentive to stay.

You are giving them a vision that goes beyond their own professional aspirations. You are showing them the bigger picture and the widening role of influence they can play in it.