Corporate Apartment Too Perfect For Your Own Good? Clear Your Head, Exercise Outside

A recent Skift survey revealed that 41.7 percent of business travelers exercise less. That’s a staggering percentage, but it is not surprising given that most business travelers are pressed for time. Even when one is spending more time than usual in a business trip–say, one month or so–the new environment takes people some time to adjust and practice their rituals.

Even when a corporate apartment turns out to be what a guest expected it to be, sometimes it’s even harder to think of stepping out to, say, exercise. If, for example, you have a giant TV screen with a fully loaded and stocked kitchen, it’s tempting to just plunk down on the sofa and never leave even if it’s the weekend.

If you are just sitting idle in your apartment and enjoying the amenities you have in your apartment, you’ll need to step out. Your Nespresso machine is not going away, along with the grill of your dreams at the backyard. Since the weather’s still nice and cooperative this time of the year, go out to sweat it out. And if your corporate apartment has a gym, it should not be hard to coax you out of the leather sofa.

Of course, you could say you don’t exercise regularly, but if the apartment has an indoor gym in the building, the more you should think how you can now stay motivated. If your excuse not to to do so is because you have everything in your apartment, you are setting yourself up for inertia. Or if you’re using it to work, you’ll need a break anyway.

Get some exercise in your first week or simply go out. This way you can get acclimated right away. Here are some tips to get your heart pumping for a good cause:

Schedule your workout. When you’re feeling lazy, commit to your mind when you’re going to hit the treadmill or run outdoors the day before.

Set a goal that’s within your reach. Since you’re new to the area, you can wipe the slate and think of setting goals for yourself. Give yourself a reward like buying a new pair of shoes and new workout gear to keep you motivated.

Think of exercising as a lifestyle change. You don’t know when you can be transferred or relocated to another office, so just keep practicing your daily rituals and stick to it no matter where you get shipped to next.

If the indoor gym is not enough for you, join an activity group in your new area, so you can also meet new people. Check out There’s bound to be a group that has what you have in mind. It could be a crossfit meetup, a cycling challenge, some team sports, a hiking group or yoga class. Being with other like-minded people can help you achieve your fitness goals. Just being out gets you some exercise instead of staying in your apartment all day.