17 Things to Do Within 24 Hours of Moving


The process of moving can be mentally and physically exhausting that by the time you arrive in your new corporate apartment, you’re probably ready to call it a day. Well, you’re not home free yet. You still need to settle a few things before you can really relax. It’s not that you didn’t do your homework, you just need to make sure you’re not letting the moving van or truck leave without making sure you have everything in order.

Here are 17 things you need to take care of within 24 hours of moving. It’s based on our experience at California Corporate Housing. We also consulted top estate agent Maria Luisa Marquez-Schwartz to make sure nothing is left out, including the key in your door:

  1. All your valuables and important files must be with you.
  2. Connect and test all your Wi-Fi devices to the Wi-Fi network in your apartment; make sure you have username and password
  3. Find the nearest trash and recycling bins
  4. Test dishwasher, toilet flush, window locks, fire/security alarms, doorknobs and stove; report to building/community manager/superintendent if not working
  5. Get contact phone numbers if someone parks in your designated spot. It can be the towing company, a leasing staff, or your housing provider contact
  6. Know how the thermostat works up to your comfort level
  7. Know when general “quiet hours” are in your apartment community
  8. Be aware of time the entrance gates or garage gates are locked so if you have visitors, you’ll know if you have to come outside and get them
  9. Have emergency phone numbers with you in case you are locked out
  10. Test your apartment keys and all service keys (for pool, laundry room and bike room) provided to you.
  11. Locate your dedicated parking space
  12. Locate your mailbox.
  13. If you’re paying for the utilities, make sure it’s in your name. Your utilities in your previous home or apartment must be settled by then.
  14. Forward your mail. You must have given or notified people or your (bank) accounts of your new address
  15. Know where to dispose moving boxes after you’ve unpacked
  16. Make sure you know the location of the fire exit.
  17. And finally, don’t forget to be nice. Greet your neighbor!

It looks like a long laundry list of things to keep in mind, but we at California Corporate Housing can take care of all these for you-or at least be the one to remind you.  (DC)