California Corporate Housing Offers ‘Proactive’ Customer Service

Everyone in northern California knows how expensive it is to live in the Bay Area. It’s no joke to live here. If you’re coming from another state, it can prove to be a shock to your system.  At least, New York has an affordable mass train system that covers the expanse of six boroughs, so you can pretty much live anywhere without worrying about gas and car payments. Some do commute via public transit in the Bay Area, but it’s not like you can get around easily all the time.

So California Corporate Housing is taking on the challenge of redefining customer service in the way it can benefit renters: help them in every way possible before they move in by giving options that hold dear to them like finding them, say, great schools near affordable homes.

California Corporate Housing can also look into comparisons as it looks into the most expensive areas and compare this to other more reasonable locations like Antioch which has an average furnished rental rate of $2,300. On average, San Francisco will set you back by ~$5,000 per 30 days for an average corporate housing unit; forget renting for more than two years if the growth during the past year here has gone up 10.6 percent as reported.

Not many know this but California Corporate Housing can afford to extend customer service like no other, because it knows there’s more value to corporate housing; it’s more affordable than hotels and some apartments which are priced as hotels. The latter are marketed well, but they  don’t mean they can save you money. They offer idyllic homes to rent for a short period of time. They’re for vacationers. Now if you’re smitten by a place, California Corporate Housing can also find you a similar looking home at even half the price. Again, it’s part of the company’s effort to give you your money’s worth–long term, not short term..

Being proactive in its customer service is clearly how California Corporate Housing is positioning itself. It aims to give quick responses to queries, so you don’t even have to worry about anything, even the furniture. The trick is to know what you want and to tell us how we can meet your requirements, so you only need to bring yourself and your luggage to fit in right away–whether it’s the apartment or the neighborhood or both.

For those who are not so picky, there are some affordable neighborhoods here like Antioch, but for those looking to enjoy the privileges here without breaking the bank, California Corporate Housing can give you great choices–from places of work in Mountain View to commuting options and schedules, because California Corporate Housing was formed by people from around here–who knows it inside and out and who can better gauge what you will really need living here long-term .

There are so many reasons people like living in San Francisco. It offers great weather and great opportunities in Silicon Valley, home to technology companies and developers mostly and some healthcare professionals.  People work here to enjoy the best of what San Francisco has to offer– the comforts of a cool urban life with the easy, instant getaway access to its picturesque hillsides — and did we mention Silicon Valley?! It’s where dreams are made. (DC)