Go Simple — Or How a Global Mobility Professional Should De-stress

A global mobility professional moves at the speed of light – or as close to it as his profession can push him.  Out-of-town trips and back-to-back virtual conferences are the norm, not the exception. His first working hour can start with a breakfast for business people, and dinner would be in a cocktail event at an Ambassador’s residence. And he is always on call because he actually lives in different time zones while physically occupying only one.  For example, after chatting with the Indian consul during that 9 p.m. cocktail, he would excuse himself for a few minutes to chat on his smartphone with the general manager of the company’s Japanese office, which is just starting a new work day.  Meanwhile, an associate in Dubai is about to email him research as he is having his morning coffee the day after.

One way to jump off this high-speed train to de-stress is follow the path of simplicity.  Just for a few hours, leave the race behind and neutralize every wiring that connects you to it.  Calm your mind and your nerves by slowing them down.  And the best way to do that is to inhabit an environment that is the exact opposite of the one you usually live in.

First order of business is to get a massage.  Let a seasoned, qualified masseur remove those pains and heaviness from your joints.  Health experts have regarded a good massage as one way to relieve yourself of anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, and other conditions related to chronic stress.

Then after your body and your frayed nerves have been soothed, find rest in Mother Nature.  Turn off the smartphone and lose the tablet.  Instead, have a quiet picnic in the park where you can play a guitar, read a book, or chat with people who look like your next-door neighbor.  The rolling waves of the ocean can also infuse serenity in your tired bones.  Head for the nearest beach, sunbathe on the sand, and swim in the waters like there is no tomorrow.  A state like Northern California can give you several options to choose from–from the remote beaches of Del Norte County, the mesmerizing coves of Sonoma, and the famous pristine coastlines of Marin County.

Eat your favorite hotdog.  Chomp down on that biggest burger.  Japanese sushi, Italian spaghetti, Indian curry, halal food, and other exotic cuisine can be exquisite to dine on.  But this is the time when you want to feel like you’re back at home where life is as simple, and yet as warm, as the apple pie that your Mom used to bake.  Indulge in those favorite familiars that you have long missed.  Your diet can survive one more day.

Finally, bring out your inner child.  Playing for the sheer pleasure of it goes a long way in removing that ton of pressure you carry every single day.  Do something wild, but safe.  Rock-climb or rappel down a mountain.  Ride that rollercoaster and every other thrilling experience offered by that amusement park. If you have time to arrange it, ask a few pals to play baseball or basketball with you.  Health studies have shown that adults who engage in regular forms of play increase their mental health, improve their work performance, and become better team players and colleagues.

The point is:  Enjoy.  Let go.  Loosen up.  Take time to get re-acquainted with your feelings as you re-connect with your body.  The stylish, stressful challenges of your global mobility profession will always spur you to perform at your peak — and the way to maintain that is to relax and play.  And simplicity is the best way to de-stress.