Leadership, Project Management and Cultural Diversity Courses Keep You in the Game

One of our blogs has discussed why learning is non-stop for any global mobility professional, especially if you want to stay relevant and advance your career.  There are so many skills to acquire, and spheres of knowledge you should immerse himself in.  Leadership, project management, cultural diversity, and a couple of new languages are usually the best courses to start with.

Like most other professionals running on a fast track, being a global mobility professional may not give you the time to spend a few hours after office to study in an actual campus.  Online learning courses that you can take in your own time, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home would be the best alternative.

Just to give you a few examples:

Coursera gets the highest recommendation to get your feet wet in online learning for two reasons. First, many of its courses are free of charge, which means any difficulty you have in adjusting to the schedule won’t cost you a cent.  Second, the courses come from the finest universities in the country, like Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, and University of Pennsylvania, to name a few. If you want to know how to navigate through a changing global business landscape, the “Emergence of Economics and Transitioning Markets” from the Higher School of Economics, and the University of Maryland’s “Surviving Disruptive Technologies” can be your strong guides.


Lynda is one of the most well-known online learning platforms because of its connection to parent site, professional social media network LinkedIn.  There are thousands of courses for soft skills that can help you in your work, from IT skills, business, to marketing; they can last anywhere from three  to 24 hours. What would be most relevant, though, are courses related to your global challenges, such as “International Marketing,” “International Project Management,” and “Compensating International Employees.”   A ten-day free trial gives you all access to its directory of courses, which still may or may not be enough to finish one course, depending on your schedule.  Afterwards, you  have the option of renewal for a monthly subscription fee of $24.99. Getting a Lynda certification may just be work out for you in your next career move.

Udemy boasts 40,000 courses that start off at $14 per course.  What makes it different from other platforms is that the courses are crafted by seasoned professionals who are actively in touch with the marketplace and what the various industries need.  There are skill levels for each course, and user reviews that can help you determine if you want to try this particular course or not.  Global mobility professionals who want to learn a second language can find Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish learning lessons in its curriculum.  There are also various subjects on international business, trade, law, crowdfunding, and culture management.