Questions to Remind You About Your Assignee’s Health Insurance

Good health means a productive, happy assignee whose performance contributes to the financial well-being of his company.  A perpetually ill or physically weak assignee, however, can lead to non-performance on the job, frequent tardiness and absences, all of which siphon off valuable input and completed tasks that could have moved the company forward.

Adequate health coverage is a preventive measure that will stop an assignee from succumbing to sickness.  It will also give him peace of mind and assurance that, should he do get sick despite his best efforts, his cash flow and savings will be cushioned from the full impact of the medical expenses that he might incur.

Prior to signing his job offer, some assignees will ask for health coverage.  However, because they come from a different country or region, they might take certain things for granted and assume many things about their insurance.

Assignees would benefit if they are aware of the ins and outs of healthcare insurance in the United States. Some foreign nationals, for instance, may learn that their insurance will not kick in not start right away upon hiring.  Also, look into how their spouse and children can be included in the coverage.

The assignees on an H1-B working visa qualifies them, according to The Department of Labor, but one has to read the fine print and prepare for uncertainties, if the employee suddenly find themselves in-between jobs–only if the company decides not to renew his working visa. For US citizens and its residents, this calculator will assist you in determining the insurance your assignee would also like to learn himself.

Keep in mind that it’s vital to know the the ins and outs of healthcare in northern California. It will help you frame your questions about your assignee’s health concerns, and see how these can be factored into his health insurance. Ask yourself, does your assignee have a pre-existing medical condition and one which is covered by his own medical plan?  Can his new health insurance cover this condition?  If so, what would be the time frame before it expires?  Can the assignee also avail of it if he is temporarily working in another state?  For example, his Northern California-based health insurance will cover his expenses if he suffers a cardiac arrest.  However, will this also apply should the cardiac arrest happen while he is in a weekend business conference in New York City?

Be prepared to respond to their queries about their family,  if he brings them with him. You will definitely need answers to questions about the health insurance for his his spouse/significant other and/or children. Lady assignees might ask for specific health care services, which are related to pregnancy and maternity.  One example is a breastfeeding  program. They might ask their newborn to be include in the health insurance package; this child might not have existed or even been conceived during the assignee’s recruitment, but the married assignee looking at a long two-year contract would have already planned for it.

All aspects of health care must also be discussed and included or rejected in the assignee’s health insurance.  Nothing must be left to chance.  Check hospitalization, medicine, surgery, lab tests, and emergency services.