Renting In Style: Top 5 Iconic Furniture Pieces For Your Assignees, Relocating Pros

By Ina Pineda

People move an average of 11 times in their lifetime, and furniture trends come and go. California Corporate Housing can attest to this when it works with global mobility professionals who may have a particular furniture in mind when choosing a corporate apartment for their hired talents.

In my work as an interior designer, many facets go into this process. Finding the perfect furniture is not as easy as walking into a showroom and buying the pieces “as is”. It requires a creative vision, a bit of psychology, extensive research and a great understanding of the space.

With that in line, I create a cohesive and timeless design plan. Once the scheme and  layout plans are designed, I have a selection of “go-to” furniture pieces that are worth investing in as they never go out of style and in fact, appreciate over time. This is perfect when dressing up corporate homes for potential tenants.

Below are my top 5 personal favorites of furniture that are justifiably termed “iconic”.

  1. The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman exude comfort and practicality — two adjectives that I have learned from working with male clients. Their wish list always includes leather and a place to kick their feet up with a beer in one hand while watching TV. Introduced in 1956, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is historically recognized as one of the first basement lounges in the market. It has become one of the most sought-after pieces from the mid-century and still looks just as current as the day it was released. As my go-to lounge chair, it works as a great conversational piece in a “man’s cave’” or as an ideal corner accent chair in the living room.

Nelson Platform Bench

  1. 2. Nelson Platform Bench – The furniture that exudes elegance in the simplest form. Ahead of its time, this bench made its way to the market in 1946, setting the stage for many of the current modern furniture. The clean and sharp lines are always in vogue. “ When you’re in a smaller home, this is a great move-around furniture. One day a coffee table, the next day a bench in the foot of the bed and some days just a simple hallway bench.saarinen dining table3. Saarinen Dining Table – Ah, the tulip table! After 5 years of research and development, this dining room table hit the interior design scene in 1958, quickly becoming a family favorite. This is the table that works with any dining chair.  Whether you own a Wegner, an upholstered chair or a  cane chair from your grandma, the Saarinen is a great investment piece that you can pass along from one generation to the other.arco lamp4. Arco Lamp – There is nothing more iconic than a floor lamp that is also a sculpture. Lighting is not just the icing on the cake, it can actually BE the cake. Lighting creates the ambiance in the  room as well as being highly functional. When designing a space, the amount of light, placement and style  plays a very important role. The Arco Lamp made it’s debut in 1962. Offering a robust light source, stylish  design, and clean lines this lamp is a perfect accent piece for your home den, library or office. noguchi table5. Noguchi Table – Coined as “sculpture for use”, this table works wonders into a design space. Breaking into the industry with a whimsical appeal, this table was first created back in 1947. With the triangular design, the Noguchi Table is an extremely versatile coffee table and the form works with any living room setup whether you have a straight, arc shaped or sectional sofa.