Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

It should be easy to exercise in front of the TV, right? Well, not really when you have a nice sofa and it’s much more comfortable to just plunk down on it and spend an hour or so idling away in front of your giant TV screen. To make matters worse, you’re watching TV in front of your computer–tablet, PT or laptop–which we would rather coin as simple multi-idleness, not multi-tasking as the excuse goes these days.

Here are effective ways you can exercise while watching TV.

Watch at the gym.

If your corporate apartment has a gym with TV, watch TV while running on the treadmill or using the stairclimber. Most gyms have individual TV screens, so you might as well watch TV while getting some exercise. If your gym has Wi-Fi even better, bring your tablet with you and watch anything online, even a movie perhaps. You could be running in a steady pace and stop after 90 to 120 minutes–the running time of most movies.

At home with yoga and exercise mat.

If you don’t want to miss the nuances of a scene on your tube, you could do some horizontal exercises like the Baby Cobra Pose, Planks and a Boat Pose which put you right in front of your TV screen. Now if hearing your TV is enough, proceed to do some Crunches, Leg Raises and the Fierce Pose–no peeking.

Don’t just sit there.

Exercise can be as simple as stretching in front of the TV. Try fidgeting. It’s supposed burn up to 300 calories per day. If you have a pedal bike or treadmill in your apartment (ask your corporate rental if that’s possible), then just exercise right in your rental.

What would be great about is that you’re not limited to the puny screen monitor at the gym. Even better is you can tune into something educational. We watch programmers code online at livecoding.tv. Even better, watch group exercises on TV and follow along.

If you have a stack of weights at home, try if you can have them around the TV. Spread them out on the floor and pick them up one after the other.And mix it up with some cardio routines as if you’re doing cross-fit at home. Do some squats. Look for steady furniture to steady your arms for some tricep routines.  

If you binge-watch or play video games, any exercise you do in front of the TV screen will not do. Go outdoors and get some proper exercise. If you’re choosing a corporate apartment with exercise on top of your mind, let us know. There are some rentals that have great gyms and idyllic locations for running outdoors.