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Global Mobility Managers are Looking for Talents Open to Rebuilding Careers

The time for complacency is over. At some point since this crisis started, global mobility managers have received these harrowing questions from their talents: How long will I keep my job as an expat? Wouldn’t an expat be the one first one to be let go? If I do get laid off, how can I bounce back, if I cannot file unemployment claims? And if I’m not even an American citizen yet, how do I manage to cope without some safety nets? And regardless of how my situation turns out, what kind of career can I expect in this new normal? Are my days as an expat numbered?

There is no way around it: careers have to be rebuilt and reconfigured, because our entire society is changing. The new business landscape and a struggling economy will compel us to re-evaluate the value we can offer to those who are in a position to pay for our services. Positions, job titles, and even a thick resume with all the proper credentials may not be enough. At the end of the day, if expats want an employer to hire them, or a client to contract their services, they have to be able to answer another urgent question:  how can they overcome challenges and succeed in this covid-plagued world?

Entrepreneur gives us three things job-seekers should seriously consider to make the critical transition: The impact that the crisis is having on many industries. The skills gap that will need to be addressed to meet the requirements of a post-COVID 19 economy. The ways by which assignees can find ongoing and emerging opportunities.

First, time to assess your profession and your talents’ career

Has recruitment dried up in your area? Or are they increasing because they happen to provide solutions to the tech challenges that many Silicon Valley companies face? 

If global mobility managers are getting laid off, how long will their jobs be deemed relevant again? Finally, take a look at your entire industry. What is its future moving forward? Can it adjust to the changes that are happening, or will it soon go under, perhaps irrevocably?

If you’re recruiting, check out Ladders. A few jobs have become in demand recently.  Digital marketers and online sales professionals are vital to the continuity of brands who do need reach out to customers in cyberspace. 

Online instructors who can impart knowledge and skills outside the brick-and-mortar universities are also sought after, as many students are refusing to go back to school to protect themselves from the virus.

Second, upskill to remain relevant in the world of tomorrow

The maxim that lifelong learning is a must is never true than now. What are the skills that will help restore businesses as challenges keep on coming? What are the abilities that can add to the bottom line? Do your talents have these skills and can you leverage on them?  If not, what do they need to learn to level up?

Certifications, and not necessarily degrees, can open doors. Data literacy, for example, will raise your standing in the eyes of clients or managers because a recruited talent can interpret data that will boost a company’s business in a way that others cannot. Forbes also suggests investing in tech skills that will empower talents to maneuver in companies that do need to fortify their own IT infrastructure. 

Cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things will make those who make use of them more pandemic-proof than the rest. If any newfound knowledge and skill sets will benefit the company, one might wake up with that opportunity. The success stories in Silicon Valley have always lived by that principle.

The search for emerging opportunities

Global mobility managers might have to find the right platform where VIPs congregate online. Talents will need to engage them on social media professionally, for example; establish a relationship and do help them even without asking anything in return. 

Another platform are specialized job apps that can connect your talent remotely to prospective employers requiring their skill set. 

Have them build up that CV, too. Augment it with an online portfolio that showcases accomplishments. For global mobility managers, look into launching a video or a podcast that can highlight one’s presentation and marketing skills.

Rebuilding careers demand self-reinvention. No matter how seemingly hard, it is one way to emerge stronger and more agile after the chaos is over.