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Global Mobility Management Solutions That Streamline Hiring Process

With the rise of global mobility over the next few years, global mobility specialists and human resource professionals who deal with expatriates are beginning to consider the use of Global Mobility Management solutions (GMMs).

As defined by Aragon Research, GMMs are business applications that oversee and streamline the entire global mobility management process from beginning to end. It documents the selection of a candidate from his country of origin, monitors his entire hiring process, and then regularly reviews his performance in his new country of employment. GMMs also take into account the feedback and eventual decisions made by the global mobility specialist and his executive on each assessment phase of the candidate.

By consolidating these processes, GMM  makes all information available to the global mobility specialist in one solid platform, including but not limited to commuters, extended business travel,  internships,new hire transitions,  relocations, rotations, and short-term project moves. They also make the global mobility specialist’s job easier by updating data such as operational costs and benefits and automating their input on standard document or contract templates.

GMMs are designed to make the entire hiring and relocation process easier, compared to most of the manual kind of management happening right now. That’s one reason why this sector is booming at a rate of 31 percent, with revenues climbing from $1 billion in 2017 to $11 billion in 2023.

There are distinct advantages in deploying GMMs into your IT system:

Global mobility specialists can free themselves from doing the tedious but vital manual tasks involved in relocation and hiring. With the GMM doing automation of contracts, database updating of statistics about the talent pool, and efficient organization of the hiring process, they would have more free time to beef up their list of choice candidates and craft their next global mobility strategy.

GMMs can become a learning resource for global mobility specialists who might need to upgrade their skills and knowledge in this area. Relocate Magazine reports that GMMs customize their tools to meet the requirements of the global mobility specialists; some of them are training courses for newbies making the transition from human resources to expatriate management, while others are for seasoned managers who need a fresh perspective to tackle unprecedented challenges brought about by globalization and economic shifts.

Candidate profiles can be documented and analyzed in great detail. The GMM can give a heads-up to the global mobility specialist on tax issues that would have to be addressed, or language skills that would have to be strengthened. It can even alert the global mobility specialists that the candidate would need a more customized apartment, such as the ones that

California Corporate Housing can accommodate doing, if he is to perform at optimum level. California Corporate Housing also has its user-friendly software tool that many global mobility specialists use to book their assignees.

GMMs are also designed to calculate the figure that executive management always wants to look at: return on investment of the global mobility program and of each assignee. Performance is measured against investment.

This aspect of the GMM can be a boon or a bane to global mobility specialists, depending on how well their assignees are doing. Still, it can give them a heads-up should they need to justify their expenses to their superiors come budget allocation time. On a best case scenario, all those numbers will make it easier for said superiors to sign off on their requested resources.

Finally, GMMs can become a valued tool to make the global mobility specialists’ company more competitive in the not-so-distant future. About 70 percent of corporations said they expect to increase their global mobility hires, but only two percent believe they have the capabilities to do so in an international setting.