Global Mobility Specialists Should be Ready to Test this Online Resource

To function efficiently as a global mobility specialist, you need more than just information at your fingertips.  What you need is lots of relevant data organized according to your specifications. You can also call on this online database at any time, not just to brush up for a meeting, but to “consult” a smart platform for strategies you might be formulating.

The soon-to-be-launched global mobility toolkit from Relocate Magazine can become your ready guide. It might soon prove to be a groundbreaker in this area unless another toolkit challenges it. One of the helpful and yet frustrating things about doing online searches is the massive information you get the first few minutes. On the other hand, they are unrelated and might be disconnected.

The Relocate Toolkit reportedly classifies the information it will present and continually update into the following categories, which are actually the main points of interest or area of responsibility of the global mobility specialist:

International matters

International matters cover a wide range of topics from global recruitment areas for assignees; immigration requirements; expatriate pensions, pay, and perks; and the latest overseas trends that can affect your company’s policies. Brexit and its shockwaves in Europe are still one major point of transition, for example; would China’s rising economic power and political wrangling over the Syrian war be other triggers?

Employee or assignee concerns

The toolkit will update you about the other issues that affect the performance of your assignee, long after his compensation package has been settled. The schooling of his children, medical benefits for himself and his family, and skills needed for him to adapt to his place of relocation will always be top of mind. Accommodations will always be another major concern. Resources that can give the proper information might be tapped, like embassies, language schools, business clubs, and companies helping people relocate like California Corporate Housing.

Update on best practices

An update on current best practices in the human resources, finance, and administrative fields can assist you in making informed decisions. You will always be aware of what your colleagues in various parts of the world are doing. Connecting to this greater network can further enlarge your perspective and give you maneuvering room to adjust to incoming trends.

Other important information from studies, research, fact sheets

Seemingly obscure news like developments in the maritime industry can impact your client’s life without your realization or his. Global economics, foreign relations, and technological evolution are sectors you should always follow. Every bit of data, from the newest to the most prominent, can be the one catalyst that can let you recruit that star assignee or formulate a program that will retain your talent for years to come.