Global Mobility Pros Have Tips for Travel Nurses, Corporate Housing’s Mainstay Guests

Travel nursing has grown increasingly popular in recent years, as noted by media outlets like Business Insider. Its interview with travel nurse Ali Brown of Montana highlighted the rewards of this career path — from generous pay to exciting travel opportunities.

Where do they stay? Many of these nurses find themselves staying in furnished rentals such as California Corporate Housing. For these nursing professionals, travel nursing offers the flexibility to explore new destinations while gaining valuable on-the-job experience.

Ali Brown’s account of her nearly 10-year travel nursing career resonates with the reasons industry experts cite for the growing appeal of this field. From Colorado to South Carolina and Virginia, Ali has lived in diverse locations, forming lifelong friendships and expanding her nursing skills along the way.

For nurses seeking fulfillment, professional growth and exciting new experiences, the travel nursing life offers the best of all worlds. Furnished housing providers help make these journeys seamless and comfortable.

Global mobility specialists and healthcare staffing organizations, for their part, offer the following reasons and tips why travel nursing is an excellent career choice. 

Freedom and flexibility

Without a doubt, one of the biggest draws of travel nursing is the unparalleled freedom and flexibility it provides. Unlike staff nurse positions which require long-term commitments, travel nursing contracts typically range from 8-13 weeks in length.

This means nurses can move to new destinations and adventures as often as every few months. The ability to frequently change locations and nimble scheduling are major perks.

The 13-week timeline, sometimes even lasting nearly a year,  makes undesirable jobs bearable since they’ll be moving on. She could endure any work stress, knowing her stay is temporary.

Even better, travel nurses can extend contracts if they are enjoying an assignment or take time off between contracts to relax or pursue other goals. There’s no need to ask permission for an extended vacation since each contract is separate. This flexibility allows for great life balance and the freedom to manage their own schedule.

Professional growth

In addition to location flexibility, travel nursing promotes incredible professional growth opportunities. With each new hospital or clinic, they gain exposure to different systems, workflows, organizational structures and specialty practices. 

This builds professional dexterity, resilience and enhances nursing skills. Being constantly challenged pushes travelers to adapt quickly and think on their feet, making them well-rounded, agile nurses.

Of course a huge advantage of travel nursing is getting to take their career on the road. What better way to experience new places than embarking on nursing adventures across the country? 

Opportunity to meet new people

Travel nurses meet new people, encounter diverse communities, sample local cuisine and immerse themselves in cultural experiences. It’s an exciting way to see America through a nursing lens. The well-compensated pay of travel nursing also makes it an attractive option, even if they choose a location with a higher cost of living but offers better quality of life. 

Travel nurses typically earn significantly higher hourly wages than staff nurses. Lucrative stipends for housing and living expenses are common. Bonuses, reimbursements for travel and certifications, 401K matching, free scrubs and more mean compensation packages will likely exceed a staff nurse income.

To be successful as a travel nurse, having 2 to 3 years of experience in a specialty is ideal. Having at least 5 years of experience can make someone confident to take on travel nursing assignments.

This experience ensures one can hit the ground running at new assignments without much guidance. The confidence and competency gained from their background will prove invaluable as they walk in varied settings. 

Big or small agencies

Global mobility specialists should know what type of agency will fit their guest travel nurses. Larger agencies have more contracts but can feel impersonal, while smaller ones provide personal attention but fewer options. 

Experiencing new places makes travel nursing rewarding, but nurses should proceed with caution when it comes to tax rules on housing stipends. 

Finally, nurses should pay special attention when it comes to getting what is considered above-average pay. This could signal an undesirable job or a legitimate offer, factoring in the location’s cost of living. Advance research on sites like social media helps avoid pitfalls, but global mobility specialists should be mindful of it in certain locations and healthcare facilities. (Dennis Clemente)