Halloween Weekend Trick or Treats: Apple TV and Other Gadgets in Housing Wish List

Imagine corporate housing in northern California all “geeked up” like you’re on the set of “Back to the Future” and your ride to work is a hoverboard. Well, it’s not that future yet.

Let’s stick to the present. On October 30, the new Apple TV went on sale. Although not a game changer, the latest Apple toy is getting some credit from the media the way it supposedly offers a better experience than its other competitors. Apple calls it “the future of TV.”

Everyone likes to talk about the future, even in corporate housing where housing amenities are stellar but gadgets that would excite Comic Con fanatic are still lacking. We’ve observed guests who like gadgets beyond the usual amenities –and if you’re a global mobility specialist looking to rent out, it might just to your advantage to offer gadgets that are currently trending out there like the Apple TV or something far more advanced like a drone perhaps.

It’s all about the devil in the details. Other providers know this only too well and they offer the latest household appliances—Nespresso espresso, bedside tables with USB/power plugs in them, 4K HDTVs, Nest thermostats, but going even geekier than that might just do the trick.

Imagine if you can have Star Wars memorabilia as soon as you enter your door; for sure, it’s going to get noticed—and talked about. Not that you need to go full Comic Con-crazy on your guests, but wouldn’t it be something if you can surprise them—and let the media in on it for maximum effect? It won’t be crazy to pull off if you’re doing it during the Halloween weekend. Think about arriving to show an apartment in your Darth Vader costume, for instance.  

Or if you want to push the envelope, what if you spooked your guests about how they’d be better off in a rental that’s haunted– and then pull a prank on them with some accomplices designed to scare the bejesus out of them. But then again you don’t want to go overboard, unless you want a short-lived career as a mobility specialist, that is.

Happy Halloween!