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Have a Meeting at San Francisco Coffee Shops and Why Not at Furnished Homes

Why does it matter if you have coffee or not with an assignee, after you’ve already recruited and placed them? If anything, having coffee helps put everyone’s guard down and talk casually about anything.

For global mobility managers who have assignees in the San Francisco Bay Area, why not explore coffee shops with your assignees. Showing assignees around museums, entertainment centers, concert arenas, bars and nightclubs, and fashion venues is good, but a little downtime — having coffee — is the ultimate social lubricant.

Global mobility managers must keep in mind though that assignees from other countries just might have a different perspective of the delicious drink. Coffee, to them, is not merely a time-passer or another way to do a business transaction but an experience to savor. Coffee drinking — and its preparation — is cultural.

Turkish assignees relish in its taste as a post-dinner delicacy, the way we enjoy our desserts. Australian and Italian assignees regard it in bad taste to just order coffee “to quickly” as a quick afterthought; they actually want to have an hour’s conversation while drinking it.

Drinking coffee with assignees in relaxed, unhurried manner can be an investment in getting to know them and their culture better. It can also help them appreciate American business hospitality and sensitivity even more.

While they may be familiar with the more familiar coffee shop franchises, the more intrepid global mobility manager just might find themselves bonding with their assignees more closely if they take them to a few of these interesting coffee shops:

Caffe Trieste

Eater San Francisco’s description of this North Beach cafe makes it ideal for assignees who value history and legacy. After all, it  has been a central hub for coffee lovers for the past 50 years. The warmth and friendship displayed by the locals who have frequented the place for a long time can make the assignees feel welcome.

They might also thrive on the subtle intellectual atmosphere that has thrived in the cafe. Unlike coffee-shop conversations that usually revolve around deadlines and business pleasures, the discussions often center on art, culture, music, history, and politics.

Mazarine Coffee

Self-described “coffee snob” Practical Wanderlust places this coffee shop in Market Street at the top of the list for its specialty coffee and fancy sandwiches.

Assignees can get their morning or afternoon high selecting from the different brews in the menu, while exchanging tips with the barista on how quality coffee should be done. Mouth-watering toasts like avocado with chevre and radish, fig jam, and ricotta cheese are also hits both with locals and expatriates.

Reveille Coffee Co

The Infatuation recommends this North Beach cafe simply because it can take away all sense of time. The place is relaxing and soothing, which makes it a great place for conversation.

Coffee drinkers come in for breakfast and often work their way through lunch. Salads, sandwiches, and avocado toasts can keep them energized the whole day along with the caffeine.

California Corporate Housing

For a more homey setting, California Corporate Housing usually carries Nespresso machines in many of its furnished apartments. If the assignee is shopping for a home, sitting down to check a place out will give them enough time to take in his surroundings and figure out if they want to move in where he’s sipping coffee with you.


Nothing like having coffee in the comforts of home.