Nespresso: At Home in California Corporate Apartments


Who has the time these days?

Throw that question up in the air, and you get some flash of recognition or tacit agreement with people catching it within earshot. You can bet people who rent corporate apartments ask that question all the time, because they have no time to take care of an apartment. They only need open the door, and see a home–overflowing with all the furnishings and amenities a busy person needs like a washer/dryer. That’s corporate housing, for you. It should offer the full residential experience — and more.

So it’s no surprise why corporate houses or apartments in California Corporate Housing carry certain items like Nespresso. It’s designed for people who have no time to make their perfect coffee-making ritual, all that grinding, thumping, boiling and the cleanup that can be fun to do if you’re doing it at home with someone.

But in most cases where you’ve been relocated for work, you may not like taking the time on certain tasks. You’re just not in the mood for it. So you use a Nespresso slick machine and the capsules provided in your rental and make great coffee instantly. You save money and the trip to the café by making great coffee at home.

Nespresso is just perfect for single dwellers, too, with its no-fuss, one-capsule, one button mechanics. You don’t need a big coffeemaker. You need this little miracle of a coffeemaker for your convenience. You make one and you’re done before you know it.

If you consider yourself an amateur coffee lover, then you’re going to enjoy learning more about what great coffee tastes like. If you got the VertuoLine, for instance, you’re in luck. It spews a rich hazelnut-colored foam called crema, which is produced during the brewing process, and great for Espresso lovers. Experiment with the complementary capsules, smell the distinct aromas and taste the flavors.

If you haven’t heard of Nespresso, it’s hugely popular in Europe, particularly in Italy where coffee drinkers are serious with their coffee. Drinking cappuccino late in the afternoon is almost taboo there whereas in the States, you may choose to drink it anytime of the day; you could always say it’s like your dessert in lieu of sweets. There are so many ways to enjoy coffee. For more interesting recipes like a Tiramisu coffee, click on

For cappuccino, try some suggestions here with intensely roasted Grand Crus and milk:

  • Ristretto: darkest roast, black capsule
  • Arpeggio: dark roast, purple capsule
  • Indriya from India: second darkest roast- a satisfyingly bitter, yet spicy blend great with milk and sugar
  • Decaffeinato Intenso: darkly roasted Decaf espresso in case you want it in decaf. It’s the dark red capsule
  • Rosabaya de Colombia: if you want a blonder roast this one isn’t as dark but still holds up with milk well.

California’s corporate apartments simply like their Nespresso coffee. (Dennis Clemente)