How to Network Like a Global Mobility Manager

Socialization and networking play a big role in a global mobility manager’s life. It’s one of the best ways to expand their contacts, especially international ones. It also leads them to different avenues where they can sign up assignees of their choice. Still, it is not for everyone’s temperament. If the career path of the global mobility manager has been rooted in human resources, IT, or finance, then chances are they would be more introverted than most, making the very extroverted practice of networking a chore, if not a challenge.

Regardless of how they feel about it, it is safe to say that almost all professionals see the wisdom in doing networking, as California Corporate Housing does when it works with recruiters and companies.

What they may not know is that it can be done in a fun and friendly way, without losing the results that they are aiming for. Here are a few tips to follow the next time a conference, a business event, or even a philanthropic activity happens:

Set the right mindset and do groundwork prior to the event:  As recommended by Human Resources Online, one way to make this particular task lighter is to see to it that it would be most attractive to human resource professionals and global mobility managers alike. Focus not on the externals but on the core value of what makes networking vital.

In short, it’s not a requirement to fill out a directory list, but an authentic way to build solid human relationships. Stop thinking of the event as a mini-performance where one has to show off their best smile. Instead, regard it as an avenue to connect with future allies and kindred spirits. Two promising relationships built on trust and competence, as opposed to a dozen calling cards from people one hardly remembers, can become a solid investment in recruitment and future partnerships later on.

To ignite interest and maintain it, the global mobility manager should find out who will be attending the event. This applies not just to any speakers or famous people of influence, but colleagues and representatives of organizations that they would want to associate with in the foreseeable future. A few phone calls and browsing in social media should do the trick — and make the global mobility manager actually look forward to doing the networking.

The next item on the agenda would be to show value, whether as an individual professional or as an organization team player. As advised by Natural HR, the knowledge that they can provide a resource, a form of assistance, or  a needed skill can overcome the initial shyness in networking. The global mobility manager can also come to a newfound sense of pride at their accomplishments as well as what their company can offer. They can also leverage on that knowledge to connect not just with targeted colleagues, partners, or assignees but with the speakers and other VIPs in the event.

Finally, HRD Online says to think of it as a bright investment in one’s future and not just an assignment to be ticked off. Global mobility managers recognize that they have to be in touch with other results-oriented partners that can help them motivate their assignees and move them to advance in their career.

These partners are under a wide umbrella that includes embassies, school authorities, learning centers, business associations, and corporate housing companies like California Corporate Housing.

Two things that global mobility manager are good at are creating an organizational process that has an end-goal, and recruiting and developing qualified talent. In a sense, they are laying the groundwork for these goals when they start networking outside their comfort zone. Seeing and doing that in action can not only bring a smile to their lips, but actually bring a bit more spring into their steps, as they hop from one networking event to another.