Noteworthy Apps to Navigate the Good and Bad of Tech Travel

How does tech help travelers? For those with low expectations, the default answer these days is “good”. Come to think of it, though, many have even managed to fly by without any tech crutch, except for the occasional online booking and reservation. 

For global mobility managers and assignees, though, it helps to get both the pros and cons of travel apps. For example, a recent survey by Statista published by PCMag, found that 59 percent of respondents experienced travel issues caused by technology, from fluctuating prices to incorrect bookings. 

One tends to think that internet speed is no longer an issue, but 40 percent of respondents said people dealt with a confusing or slow travel website, and 27 percent said they got limited options for the travel they wanted to book. Similarly, another 22 percent said there wasn’t enough flexibility on travel apps when booking their trips. 

A key pain point? Technology offers a way to find a deal, but 45 percent of respondents said the constant change in prices doesn’t help.

It’s not all bad. Technology is always improving. Travel apps have radically changed the way to spot deals, book trips, and plan travel with just a few clicks or taps. About 67 percent of respondents said booking via app saves time. Another 54 percent said that tech gives them more travel options and saves money. 

Even more remarkable? Only one percent said they don’t use online booking at all. Curious about the technology out there that can make your business travel less worrisome? Here are some apps to try out, assuming you’re willing to pay for them.  Still, some of California Corporate Housing’s guests swear by them:

  1. Expensify is a business system used to manage expenses, transactions, and money matters through its real-time data and reporting processes. The accounting functions performed by the user-friendly interface of Expensify come handy for many money management issues.
  2. The FLIO app aims to make the airport experience easier and cheaper. It takes the pain out of connecting to Wi-fi:  rather than tracking down the official network and having to enter a bunch of personal information every time, the app connects and does it all for you in over 350 airports. It also gives discounts on food and drinks, and other airport amenities offer tips like– and you will genuinely like this — where the least-crowded bathrooms are located.
  3. FlightView Elite. A similar convenient app, if it turns out our suggested apps fail you, is FlightView. It allows you to track your flights in more detail than what the airport screens are telling you, according to TripSavvy. It says the app lets you know where your next flight is coming from, view it on a map, see the expected weather along the route, and much more. You’ll get terminal, gate, and baggage collection details, see delays across North America, and load your own trips into the app to get a complete view of your journey. You can call the airline’s reservation desk direct from the flight details screen, and there’s even driving directions to the airport if you need them. 
  4. GateGuru. GateGuru tracks arrival, departure times, and gate information. Load your own trips, and get real-time notification of delays and gate changes. There’s restaurant information, with reviews, terminal maps, and estimates of wait times so you know whether to linger over your overpriced coffee or rush straight to security. You can also book Avis rental cars with a couple of clicks.
  5. LoungeBuddy. Primarily app-based, LoungeBuddy allows you to quickly search nearby airport lounges, assess available amenities, and buy a day pass. Only American Express cardholders could use LoungeBuddy’s reservation platform, though.
  6. If you don’t drive often for Uber or Lyft, MileIQ may be the app for you. The free version offers 40 free drives per month, though you can upgrade to unlimited drives for $5.99 per month. Like other mileage tracking apps, MileIQ automatically captures your drives and delivers a comprehensive mileage log whenever you need it. You can classify your drives into categories like business, personal, or charity and then simply swipe with your thumb to assign them to the correct list — or let MileIQ do it automatically.
  7. Priority Pass is a subscription-based service that offers lounge access to a network of over 1,200 lounges throughout the world. Along with entry to lounges, the Priority Pass app provides discounts at airport retail shops and spas.