Options for US if it Continues to Experience Challenge of Filling Job Vacancies

As mass vaccination programs have found much success around the globe, tight travel restrictions have been easing in many countries. According to Reuters, the US is planning to reopen its borders in November to air travelers from 33 countries such as China, Brazil, and most European countries who are fully vaccinated.

It’s probably why the tech giant Facebook, now known as Metaverse, is expecting to hire 10,000 in the European Union. The existing labor shortage forced businesses to double their efforts in creating better strategies in obtaining great talent as they foresee an economic recovery in the next years. 

A report from ManpowerGroup discovered that 69% of employers around the globe are experiencing difficulty in filling job vacancies because of the lack of skilled talent — with the USA reporting 38% difficulty.

In California, even as companies flee from the state, it celebrated job growth three times more than that of the nation last August. “California’s economy is now coping with larger concerns about the Delta variant than in the second week of August, when the jobs data was collected,” said Lynn Reaser, an economist with San Diego’s Point Loma Nazarene University. 

In the legal realm of California, a bill that aims to improve warehouse workers’ working conditions by disallowing unreasonable quota systems may attract those actively seeking work as unemployment remains high in the USA. 

The world of businesses in the state has certainly become more workforce-centered as it suffered the economic ramifications from the pandemic. Businesses have even offered better benefits to their employees to ensure their welfare.

This is the perfect time for individuals looking to work in the United States. With the mass job vacancies, it’s likely that those actively seeking work who possess the competencies fit for a specific position will be shortlisted when businesses are desperate to look for qualified applicants. 

Currently, foreign nationals are already looking for opportunities in the United States and other countries. The timing could never have been better as companies in the US are widening their talent pool. Companies from the US, Mexico, and South Africa are seeking to fill up role gaps with foreign workers

As job vacancies rise and are more in demand than ever, talent recruiters must create an environment where the move becomes seamless for foreign job seekers. 

Fortunately, HSBC Expat provides a guide to moving abroad. Here are some of its tips:

Research about your destination

While this is a rule of thumb for many, others who don’t research ahead of time might feel the impacts of culture shock. It doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of research earlier. It helps a foreigner to anticipate the kind of environment they’ll be in — the weather, the neighborhood, food, and holidays, to name a few. Checking the different types of permits such as visas for a job seeker and his or her family will also come in handy.

There are tons of online resources where one can do his or her research. It’s important though to get information from reliable sources such as legitimate company websites, government sources, etc. If a company is already talking about hiring a foreign candidate, they can ask the company whether they have a global mobility team to help out with the moving process or even point them to a third-party relocator.

Check the qualifications of entering a country

Countries hold different requirements before entering their borders. Some would require a specific amount of time left on a passport. Visa requirements also vary from country to country, so prior research is a must. Government websites are a good source for information about these requirements. A trip to a desired country’s embassy will also be helpful for job seekers as they can lay out the most reliable information on the requirements of entering their country.

Estimate costs

It’s important to list down all possible costs that will occur while moving to a new country. Flights, temporary housing, international moving of household goods are just some of the activities aspiring expats should be taking into account. Again, planning early doesn’t hurt. California Corporate Housing is currently housing below the standard housing expenses in the state. One can opt to check its housing options to save up on housing expenses given the high housing value in northern California.

Save up

Building up one’s savings will allow aspiring expats to move abroad with peace of mind. Moving to a new country warrants uncertainty and costs. Before moving abroad, one should save up a target amount that they feel is more than sufficient to cover up expected costs in the relocation. 

Figure how to manage money abroad

Some countries would require a visa to open a bank account. It’s also helpful to open an account before arriving at a destination so one can avoid incurring costs from doing transactions from a bank account in their home country. Some expats even open an offshore account to manage their money. And if one is planning to go home to their home countries and come back to their adoptive countries, they should leave their money in its original currency to prevent low exchange rates in the future.

Think where to reside

It’s important to know the agenda of a trip to another country. Is it a long-term one or is it an ocular visit in areas one is seeking to work in? Research on neighborhoods and means of transportation can aid in deciding where to reside whether temporarily or permanently. 

Other than staying in expensive hotels, it can be useful to contact local real estate companies or agents and get an idea of the kind of environment a particular housing option offers. If expats are still looking to save up on costs, rather than going to pricey real-estate companies, they can look for housing options from companies such as California Corporate Housing as they are adopting a more digitized and affordable way of communicating with possible lessees.

The process of becoming an expat involves a lot of tedious and meticulous steps. So it’s important to get a reading on what to do before, during, and after a trip to the US.