What Perks Do New Expats Need?

Leisure travel with all-expenses paid for. The latest Tesla just out of the assembly line. Free tickets to the movies and concerts of popular singers. Not so fast. Those are perks that go to the top honchos.

They may be enviable perks and certainly something to look forward to during one’s relocation to a new country of employment, but new assignees climbing the expatriate ladder also get different type of perks — downright offbeat perks.

They all carry the elements of delight and surprise that can stimulate an assignee’s mind and spirit or soothe them into relaxation. Take a look at some of these unusual perks, and given a choice, they just might make your day too:

Bet on a horse and ride on a boat

Assignees and expatriates assigned to Prague can have a fun time with boat, albeit on separate occasions. As described by Prague Expat News, assignees are often given a card that allows them choice front seats at the city’s Conseq Park racetrack. They literally rub shoulders with celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs anxious to bet and see their favorite horses win. Then on another day, assignees can take a 45-minute boat ride that takes them on a short but exciting river tour of the city’s awesome landscapes.

Laundry pickup?

Long-term expatriates may not think twice about their laundry needs as many of them often have washing machines, even some household help in some cases.

Assignees climbing up the ranks, though, still have to contend with these chores which are actually essential to always making them look good in front of their clients and colleagues. However, they just might be too tired at the end of the day or even the weekend to take a trip to the cleaners.

The expatriates and assignees located in some Chinese cities, for example, can take a breather because laundry services are sometimes part of their package.

According to Nexia News, they need to have the laundry serviceman pick up their clothes, or drop them off at the designated laundry service center.

Customized design and color for furnished apartments

Assignees can take comfort in the fact that they arrive in a home customized to their taste and style. It is not just a matter of buying the best brand of mattress or strategically placed furniture in certain areas.

Companies like California Corporate Housing help assignee dress up their new home down to the detail to make them more feel at home or even relive a special occasion. Ethnic and cultural touches can literally make the assignee feel like they are spending their evenings back in their home country.

Or sports buffs and tennis aficionados can add to their enjoyment of their Wimbledon match by living in a furnished apartment that tastefully sports the competition’s colors and overall design. California Corporate Housing is the only corporate housing provider in Silicon Valley that paints accent walls.