Quick Day Trips From Your San Francisco Corporate Apartment

California Corporate housing gets asked by renters where they can go for quick day trips, especially if they’re new to San Francisco.  There are so many fun ways to enjoy San Francisco and surrounding areas–and it’s easy to find out about the places to go to online. But sometimes renters simply ask us, because they’re curious to know what we think.

If the question comes to us as they’re headed out and they need a quick answer, we suggest the spots below. We also welcome suggestions from our guests–and anything they can share with other potential renters. This way, we can offer apartments based on an inspired tourist spot suggestion.


Head to Dolores Park in Mission and find a nice spot to people watch and enjoy great views of the city.  It’s been a great place for many things–for sports activities, even political rallies, just relaxing and taking in the hippie vibe. It might just be the one place Donald Trump may not like. It’s named for Miguel Hidalgo (El Grito de Dolores), the father of Mexican independence, and the town of Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico.  As a priest in Dolores, it was Hidalgo’s ringing of the church bell and the public cry for freedom that sparked the Mexican revolution.

2. SAIL.

Sail on a catamaran under the Golden Gate Bridge. You could take the Adventure Cat where you’ll feel the exhilaration of fresh air and waves on the deck. Go up close Alcatraz Island, directly underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and head back admiring the city’s famed skyline. Catch a glimpse of marine wildlife including pelicans, sea lions, dolphins, and even the occasional whale.

3. DINE.

There’s a street in San Francisco where you can find diverse Asian food. It’s called Clement Street. It’s good to come here if you haven’t decided yet what type of Asian food you like to partake, because it offers sumptuous choices for those with an adventurous palette. For Chinese, you can choose Sichuan or Hunan, just to be different from your usual Cantonese selections. Eager to explore more. There are also Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. Not much is said about  Burmese and Indonesian, but they also have food from these Asian regions in this street. You must order dine in, but also order take out, so you can have some food to enjoy in your corporate apartment the following day. (DC)