Redwood City is in the Middle of Everything in NorCal

Things have been picking up for Redwood City, and a large part of it is due to a new bustling downtown that has become a go-to place for hardwired professionals who want to relax, and families always looking for quality time. Residents, longtime and newbie alike, have commented positively on the transformation that is increasing the value of the city located in the San Francisco Bay Area. There was a time that falling real estate prices had hit the city hard, but vision, resilience, and a can-do spirit has added a bit more sunshine to Redwood’s climate and community spirit. It helps that Redwood is in the middle of everything, as many like to describe it.

Residents take pride in their changing city where they often come together vibrantly and joyously together. Music festivals in the park where people can sing along are as much as a tradition as free movie screenings in outdoor areas. From July to October, The Magic Lantern 3D Light Show lights up the city in a blaze of lights. This year, the new show, titled “Sea-ing is Believing” takes viewers through the celebration of water flow. The Courthouse facade will morph into a colorful and exhilarating ocean adventure scene filled with abstract rain dances and with even some surfing in between! And if these are not enough and you want to show off your, say, salsa dancing skills, you could also join a dance contest.

Dining is another diverse experience, as a walk around the block lays out another selection of gastronomic delights, like ethnic eateries, classy fine-dining restaurants, and artisanal coffee shops where you can enjoy a cup or two of your favorite latte without noticing the time pass away. Check out some of the highly rated restaurants here.

Another plus factor that makes Redwood City attractive is its agreeable weather. A government study has certified that it has the best climate in all of the United States:  temperate, cool, and inviting you to a clean, breezy morning walk.

The words “Climate Best by Government Test” on an arch greets you as you enter the city, giving you a hint of the warm welcome awaiting you inside.

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