Going Beyond a Talent’s Relocation Package Checklist  

How much does a domestic relocation package cost today? The figures cited by The HR Capitalist a few years ago placed it at about $10,000 to $20,000. But it is reasonable to assume that the prices have gone up since then. With costs a constant concern of global mobility specialists, it would be prudent to come up with a relocation package checklist to determine the essential items from the optional.

The CapRelo blog names the core elements of the relocation process that must be part of the package. Eliminate one and your assignee would be in for a long and unpleasant stay in his new country of unemployment. Or maybe he would be hard-pressed to even work at all.

Take care of house-hunting or home-searching expenses which can include food, transportation, gas, and other miscellaneous expenses.

You as the global mobility specialist would need to take the lead on this one, as your international assignee needs to focus on his job.  For him, being uprooted from the comforts of his home to a new environment is stressful enough.

Make sure this aspect is budgeted in your workflow process. At the same time, place a cap on it as well as the number of visits you have to make to screen choice accommodations. One way to save time and effort is to establish solid relationships with companies like California Corporate Housing. Their staff assists potential and present customers in searching for the most suitable accommodations and, as far as

Northern California is concerned, they cover many locations.

Settle the transportation of the assignee’s household goods and their packaging, even unpacking.

You will also have to include the possessions of their spouse and kids if they are coming along. Pets would also have to be included in the relocation, and their transport and care is an entirely different process that you can read about in this earlier blog.

If they need storage, take care of it as well. As much as possible, though, you want to avoid this and have all the preferred items of your assignee (and his family) immediately relocated to his new home. Storage happens only when there is no space for said items. Prior to the assignee’s departure for the U.S., make sure that each major item in his list will fit in his new accommodations. Consult with the property owner of the accommodations you have contracted; there will be some back-and-forth between that person, yourself, and your assignee. also points out a few miscellaneous expenses that your relocation might have to cover:

  • Home-finding trips might incur a little more expense if the assignee’s family is coming along with him. Allocate trips in his quest to find the right schools, hospitals, day care centers, and other related institutions near his selected accommodation.
  • Look after his home-related services such as carpet cleaning and drapery installation
  • Assist him on any vehicle-related concerns on car registration, even how he can obtain a U.S. driver’s license if the company is willing to furnish him with a car.