Renovating? You Can Stay with Your In-laws or a Corporate Apartment

Take your pick, a) would you prefer to live with your in-laws when you’re renovating your home? or b) stay in a corporate apartment that has also the amenities of your home and more? Of course, you love your in-laws, it’s just that a corporate apartment these days make you feel at home, too. They’re all spruced up for your needs.

Which may just compel you to talk to your contractor about yet more changes in your home, as you add more room for your—ahem—in-laws when they come and visit you and your spouse and kids. Meanwhile, we’re getting more renters, thanks to the new trend in housing.

In the annual survey of Houzz & Home with over 170,000 respondents, more than half of homeowners renovated their homes in 2014. What’s surprising is how renovations are no longer decisions made by boomers and empty nesters.

In its key findings, it turned out millennial homeowners were just as likely to renovate their homes as other age groups in 2014.

Still, a big portion, half of 60+ households are reportedly planning to age in place—with a little nip and tuck in their interiors.

Who is doing the renovations or remodeling? About 84 percent of homeowners hired a professional help with their remodeling projects; 44 percent used a general contractor, which point to how they can be away and not worry about the project as much.

Kitchens top the list of most popular projects. With most corporate rentals offering a great kitchen as come-on, it feels like they’re having a dry run how a kitchen should be like once the renovation of their kitchen is finished.

Not surprisingly, adding smart technology is now an important consideration in renovations. It is an idea not lost on millennials, especially in tech-driven cities. For this reason, corporate housing providers may want to look beyond smart appliances and check on security devices and home automation gadgets.

California consistently tops the list of people who plan renovation or remodeling projects going on around the country where corporate housing demand is soaring. Overall, the study also indicated how 53 percent of US homeowners plan to make renovations in the next one or two years, which should keep corporate housing providers busy and corporate rentals, whether for you or your in-laws, in demand for many years to come. (DC)