Safecation: Assignees Extend Living Space Outdoors

If COVID-19 came early in the early 2000s, would you be able to survive on limited calls, limited texting and dial-up internet? This unimaginable scenario would probably have telecommunications companies and Silicon Valley tech giants scampering to innovate us hurriedly to 5g — or not. 

The most likely scenario would have made us all appreciate the outdoors — yes, the outdoors is now the new indoors. If the many restaurants seen in northern California and other cities are any indication this summer, and extended living and recreation space outdoors is going to be the trend. Interior designers will have to adjust and make creative room for extended living designs for the outdoors.

This means those who have space to build patios, decks, balconies and even front yards to holler across their neighbors’ front yards are the lucky few, if they don’t already have them. Beyond staycation, the current health crisis puts everyone in a “safecation.”

This is prevalent now as summer travel is expected to fall 15%, according to some reports, which leaves corporate guests fewer options to enjoy their summer outside of their rentals, unless they can extend their living space outdoors and make the most of it. 

Global mobility professionals have observed how assignees have enjoyed the limited time they have been outdoors in San Jose with socially distant biking, camping and hiking on the rise. RV rentals have increased, too, with some states luring people to experience wide-open spaces. Here are some tips from AJC, Furniture, Lighting and Decor and ShadeFX, Retractable Awnings and California Corporate Housing:

  1. Plentiful, comfortable seating is a must! Few things are more inviting than a comfortable couch and a place for everyone to sit, but nothing says “small space” like standing room only.
  2. Consider side yard seating to expand the space and develop varied hang out areas throughout the patio area.
  3. Go all-in on multipurpose pieces. Have an end table serve as a chair if necessary and use an ottoman as a mini dining table. Buying furniture that can be used in multifaceted ways is efficient and space extending.
  4. Create a focal point in the far corners of the outdoor space. A fountain or water feature or a potted plant can draw attention to all of the right places.
  5. Go for that awesome patio cover like a retractable patio or deck awning or a retractable patio cover or pergola cover, so you can enjoy your extended space regardless of the weather.
  6. Build a smart outdoor kitchen, putting into consideration the space you have.  
  7. Add some entertainment. Implementing an outdoor television or a game like corn hole will help to make the patio a place for family and friends to gather and enjoy the great outdoors.
  8. A fire pit offers a gathering spot and mood to a space while serving as a functional option in chillier months.
  9. Think about color, texture, and pattern. From your couch cushions to your throw pillows, mixing up design elements helps to give life to an area while visually stimulating your guests.
  10. Take advantage of great lighting. Effective outdoor lighting will set the right mood, highlight the larger outside areas, and extend your patio days into patio nights.
  11. Think about trimming trees and bushes where necessary. A well-manicured lawn and shrubbery will not only make the outdoor area look beautiful, but will trick the eye into seeing a bigger space. 
  12.  Redecorate. California Corporate Housing can provide tips on how you can keep your outdoor space interesting, keeping in mind that you’ll need weatherproof materials and fabrics that stand up to the elements.