Santa Clara is Building Up Excitement with New Property Developments

Relocating to Santa Clara in Northern California because of its great potential to offer more job opportunities? Just last month, Santa Clara’s city council unanimously approved the largest private development project in Silicon Valley’s history. With a total of 9.16 million square feet, the $6.5 billion project would include up to 5.7 million square feet of office, 1.1 million square feet of retail, 700 hotel rooms and up to 1,360 apartment units. A 35-acre park is also built into the plans.

A few weeks before this, Chinese electronic giant LeEco bought 50 acres of land near Levi’s Stadium.  The property, which used to belong to Yahoo, would be the next hub by which the Beijing-based company would build its successful line of electric cars, virtual reality technology, and smartphones.

Business is booming in Santa Clara. Technology and all its wonders are something that the state can offer to a degree that no other town or city can. This is why you will notice that spirit that seems to sizzle a few days after you have settled in. It runs like a hum through the cafes, the stores, and the streets. Innovation is the name of the game of the people who live here, and everyone is raising his or her performance level to produce the next hit app or revolutionary software.

Assignees, who have signed on for a long-term stint, will find a surprise awaiting them. Amusement parks, sports stadiums, tech museums, and other attractions give you a glimpse of a wonderful future that you would want to live in.

A trip to the Intel Museum will show you the history of the semiconductor industry: its past and its future that gives you a greater appreciation of the computer chip maker’s contribution to technology.

Another great stopover is Nvidia,which is leading the way in developing virtual reality, artificial intelligence and apps that can connect us to the Internet of Things. Nvidia keeps raising the bar in the gaming world, and is introducing more VR features that will make a virtual trip to the jungle or a swim in the ocean more seamless. It is also investing in smart driverless cars that will fill the highways of tomorrow.

For games of the rough-and-tumble kind, visit the Levi’s Stadium where sports buffs can watch their favorite football teams take down each other to hit that goal.  During off season, the stadium turns musical and this time, it’s the fans of artists like Coldplay and Beyonce who can have their adrenaline-fueled moment in the sun—or evening, as is usually the case.

If you’re in a more contemplative mood to adore the works of genius, then a day at the Triton Museum would be highly recommended. Visual and auditory exhibitions, from the classic to the modern, the famous to the emerging, display their splendor, inviting you to plunge yourself in the experience. For example, California Corporate Housing can even re-design your unit to make you more invested in, say, your favorite sport or hobby.