Spacious, Sunny West San Carlos apartment in San Jose, CA

The sunlight streaming through the tall, transparent glass pane windows of the living room seems to promise a bright day that you can look forward to.  So will a few hours basking in the fresh air or doing your Yoga, meditation, or reading in the patio outside.  Nature is a friend and a protector that blend in with the design of this West San Carlos St. unit in San Jose, California.  The spacious berth given to each room, from the dining room to the living room, also gives you space to walk in.  The wide area, complemented by posh rugs and comfortable sofa and couches, makes the unit ideal for a bonding session with friends – or a haven for solitude when you just want to breathe, feel your body, and just power down, with no other soul in sight.

The 21st-century amenities and suburban decor create a center for entertainment right at the middle.  Streaming movies and video games can be played on a LED TV  with a modern kitchen a few steps away. Wine glasses situated on strategically placed wood cabinets, made more attractive by their polish, add a touch of elegance while maintaining the minimalist look.  The same holds true for the bedrooms, where fresh, inviting linens in classic color effortlessly blend with the sturdy bed and subdued wall hues.

A gym within the housing unit is packed with treadmills, weights, and other state-of-the-art health equipment that can burn your calories and spike your energy whenever you need it.  Complementing that within walking distance around the neighborhood are spas and wellness centers  where qualified and caring masseurs apply oil, aromatherapy, and various kinds of massage to soothe your body.  Another and more enjoyable way to relax is watching performance art  of familiar family-friendly musicals  like “Beauty and the Beast,” which will create a fun evening for you and your family.  

The joy of privacy, undisturbed fun with family, and modern comforts mixed with elemental joys – these are rarities difficult to find, but all of them can be yours.  Visit our West San Carlos Street unit today.