Another Study Puts Bay Area on Top List of Best Cities for Tech Transplants

There is a litany of lists for professionals to choose from if they’re considering relocation. They’re categorized as Best Places to Live In, Best Places to Find a Job, Best Places to Retire and then there’s an even more narrower and concentrated list of the Best Cities for Tech Transplants. San Francisco topped the list and is overall home for startups seeking investments.

San Francisco is top of mind among millennials and mid-careerists in tech, with New York closely behind, which we’re going to compare here. Both cities may appear less enticing because of their high cost of living and higher rents, but one has to factor in the fact that San Francisco at least manages to have more job opportunities and double the salaries for tech transplants.

It has been reported in a study that those who moved from Seattle to San Francisco earned an average of nearly $45,000 more than their previous compensation, while those from New York reported an average increase of about $110,000.

How many jobs are we talking about? Between 2013 and 2015, the Bay Area added 22,000 new tech jobs, according to Paysa, with a total now of 77,000 tech job relocations in the area.

For those seeking jobs in the tech sector, San Francisco is the place to be indeed. New tech explorations on artificial intelligence, wireless technology, smart cars, and cyber security are spurring demand for more workers.

So given all these considerations, how does one really assess which city is better for relocating professionals? A short week-long stay is not enough for a relocated professional to determine where he or she be a better fit, although many do aspire to work in the Bay Area.

New York edges out San Francisco in terms of variety of jobs–being the center of everything. But northern California is where most of our guests prefer to work. New York has the kinetic energy that some of our guests like. The Bay Area offers them the downtime they need after a long day. It provides a contrast. Outside of work, they just want a respite from the hustle and bustle of a city. 

Beyond the promise of a bright future, the Bay Area has other things going its way: It’s pretty much closer to nature — just minutes away. It’s more laid-back and dressed-down. than New York. Appearances are not so important in San Francisco as much as in New York.

Also San Francisco weather is more tolerable (40 to 80 degrees) than the northeast where it can go below zero or over 100 degrees with high humidity. Weather is one thing not talked about, but it does play a role in the decision-making process. All the best-of lists don’t really matter for some people hungry for success. Opportunity prevails over best-of lists.