Sunnyvale, CA: Hybrid Hub Combines Comfort and Safety

It sounds cliche, but it’s true: Sunnyvale in Northern California does live up to its name, and it’s not just because of the temperate, sunny weather. Assignees, expatriates, and new relocators immediately feel welcome here because the overall atmosphere is bright and optimistic, which can be a breath of fresh air for those struggling living in areas with high crime rates or an uncertain economy. Described as a cross between a city and a suburb, Sunnyvale has the comfortable amenities of the former and the privacy and neighborliness of the other.

The assignee and his loved ones will immediately see and experience this within his new home: comfortable housing that boasts modern amenities and high-tech gadgetry, cherished privacy, and a warm soothing environment. California Corporate Housing has close ties to the communities in Sunnyvale and offer many kinds of support to relocators. They are more than willing to help global mobility specialists ease the transition of assignees, including giving them tours around the city.

Named one of the the top 50 safest cities in America. Sunnyvale sees many residents and visitors walk any hour of the day or night, knowing that their well-being is secured. Law enforcers are known for their prompt action to requests, and neighbors update their own circle of friends and acquaintances about potential threats they should take notice of, or security programs they should adopt.

Many say that sense of watching each other’s back comes from a strong community spirit that is pervasive in the air. This is probably a spillover of the sports lifestyle prevalent in Sunnyvale. Physical activity of any kind is encouraged by the expansive space and cool atmosphere. Assignees and their families who want to exercise their muscles can take a simple walk or jog in the nearby park. The Sunnyvale Community Center can also offer them several options, such as tennis, golf, mountain hiking, and swimming, with accompanying classes for beginners.

Another attraction for  assignee with families is the high quality of education in the city. Sunnyvale’s grade and middle schools have always gotten high ratings from nationwide school boards. Scores from 8 to 9 (out of 10) are frequent. The learning imparts to young minds critical skills and solid values that will prepare them well for the challenges of young adulthood.

Creative events flow throughout the city, which can go a long way in soothing an assignee’s stressed nerves or bringing out his own inner visionary. The cultural scene is vibrant with regular theater performances, art festivals, wine tastings, and culinary exhibits. One weekend can be spent sampling the best vignette from California’s wineries, dining on a Palestinian delicacy in a Middle Eastern deli, watching a Shakespearean play in the park, and then moving freestyle in a Latin American dance contest.

Sunnyvale balances excitement and adventure with privacy and safety in mind. It is a set-up he would welcome: he manages the challenges of his work day, relaxes during his evenings, and has a great time bonding with his family during the weekends.