The Benefits of Listening to Audio Books

woman listening to bookMost of us can now drown out noise everywhere we go with our smartphones when when put on our earphones. Some listen to music, others listen to books and for those in the global mobility profession, what’s not to like when traveling and you have some lull times between job interviews.

About 37 percent of Americans have listened to an audio book, and developing it as a habit while on your way to work, as you stroll your dog or take a drive along an ocean view like the San Francisco Bay in Northern California is highly recommended.

These are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy if you spend just 15-20 minutes a day listening to an audio book:

  1. You update your knowledge and possibly your skills. Finding time to read an actual book, printed or electronic, can be difficult, given pressing deadlines. And not doing so can stunt our intellectual growth or can cause us to lose out on vital information that will help us in our career. But audio books can be listened to, and their information digested, while we are doing a secondary task, like running the gym treadmill, doing household chores, or while on commute to our next meeting. Catch up on your reading whether they are reliable classics like Napoleon Hill’s timeless “Think and Grow Rich” or Richard Branson’s biography in “The Virgin Way.”
  2. They can be relaxing.  You de-stress even as you learn. Even business audio books are not read mechanically by a drab chat bot, but become expressions in humor, style, and wit as read by the best actors and performers of our time.
  3. Listening to audio books can improve your memory, sharpen your focus, and enhance your imagination.

Audio books have become so popular that they have transcended their original phone-to-tablet location to become part of  a smart home. Some accommodations like California Corporate Housing have been wired with devices like Amazon Echo which can, upon your command, read you your favorite business book while you are having breakfast or just when you are about to go to bed.