This Climate Change Should Get Your Assignees’ Nod

Reading about the weather and the different seasons that happen in a different country is one thing; dealing with them everyday is another. Fortunately, Silicon Valley has an agreeable weather that hovers between 50-degree and 80-degree Fahrenheit the whole year-round.

Still, global mobility professionals would do well to prepare their assignee about a new location’s climate; the highs and lows of Silicon Valley as well as its mid-summer high temperatures, assuming a weak to moderate onshore flow pattern, as well as its 80- to 85-degree mild temperature. Lows are consistently between 55 and 60, with afternoon high temperatures are tempered by the sea breeze off the bay. It’s not unusual to find some clouds develop during the evening and not clear until late morning.

Prepare your assignees to understand what it’s like to be under a different kind of weather.

  1. Equip their new accommodations with appliances that can provide them with ambient temperature regardless of how the wind outside blows.  Being comfortable to a certain degree of temperature can be pretty subjective. What may be hot to someone in northern California can be cold for those who live in southern California  Those who come from colder places will most likely not need any heater. Let your assignee exercise that option at home as he literally feels which grading in the barometer is the most suitable for him.
  2. Make adjustments to your daily wardrobe and accessories. Foreign transplants who live in tropical climates will have to make a habit of wearing a light jacket during the colder seasons. On the other hand, those who have been born and raised in areas with perpetually cool temperatures would have to stock up on shirts and pants made from light materials during summer when you also need to apply sunblock and wear sunglasses. Don’t forget to put umbrellas into a bag or knapsack when rain is forecast.
  3.  Use sites to get weather report ahead of time. There are just too many weather apps out there to mention, but make sure to check the weather forecast well in advance– even months ahead, so your assignee can be informed well in advance about what he needs to bring or leave out upon an assignee’s move. Beyond Accuweather, check out and what Toms Guide refers to as their best weather apps.