This Moving Company Helps Women in Abusive Relationships Move On

You wonder why some people find it difficult to leave an abusive relationship. They’ll give you all sorts of reasons to defend their choice to stay–and endure heartache for a host of reasons. They could be in denial, in financial straits or isolated, with no one they can seek out to for help. It turns out a California-based moving company Meathead Movers can help you make the decision to let go and move on.

Since 1999, Meathead Movers has offered cost-free moving services to people suffering from an abusive relationship. The people behind it, brothers Aaron and Evan Steed started the company to make money in the lean months.

Quoting from a piece in Refinery 29, Erin Steed, corporate controller of Meathead Movers and wife of Aaron, recalls how the victims were often left to fend for themselves. “Women would call upset and desperate to get themselves and their kids out of abusive situations.” They offered their TVs and anything else just to pay for a move. The brothers helped the women without accepting payment.

Today, Meathead Movers partners with a domestic violence shelter to best assist victims. In Los Angeles, they work with Good Shepherd Shelter accompanied by police.

Meathead Movers has played a pivotal role in helping abusive women move on, because leaving a place is not an easy decision to make, whether there’s abuse or not in a relationship. Even if you have undergone an amicable divorce, it still means starting over, especially if you don’t want to live anywhere near the cause of your heartache.

At California Corporate Housing, it’s not unusual to find guests testing the waters of their new home or environment before they transition to their new lives. They rent for a few months to a year, as they navigate their way around their emotions, as they reflect and ask themselves if they’re ready to settle down for good somewhere.

Keeping tabs on them is important to make them feel at home, knowing they’ll be safe and taken care of in our corporate apartments. The move helps them move on and in their extended stay, we just hope they heal and recover for the next chapter of their lives.