Top 10 Reasons Why Corporate Housing is Becoming More Enticing than a Hotel

Corporate housing is surging in the Bay Area and everyone is talking about how, thanks to the booming tech economy, more buildings are going up for people on the “up” industry—the tech world—who are choosing corporate housing than hotels and other short-terms rentals.

For those who are new to corporate housing, you’re looking at having a residential experience for a minimum stay of 30 days or more. It’s important to emphasize that, because corporate housing is mimicking all that we have to come to know from condo or home living. That is, having amenities like yoga classes or a fully equipped kitchen as well as permission to bring your pet dog into a corporate house. And most likely than not, you also get more space than a hotel room.

In Silicon Valley, new employees are coming for work from everywhere, in and out of the United States. Things will heat up as internships in the summer pick up, while the overall job growth in the area continues to expand.

Many choose to stay in a corporate apartment for all the right reasons and ruling out hotel stays, because “a hotel can get claustrophobic in 30 days,” says Mark Skinner of The Highland Group in an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle.

The gap is widening between hotel stays and corporate housing, because more buildings are rising for corporate housing—and by the hundreds.

If you’re still undecided, here are top 10 curious observations why corporate housing offers do many plusses for everyone looking to stay long-term in northern California.

  1. There may be more than one type of yoga class in those buildings.

  2. Speculators/investor in real estate have more time to explore the area

  3. Number of people looking for a second or third apartment to buy is growing

  4. Wi-Fi connectivity is getting even better to satisfy needs of guests, mostly in tech

  5. Housing is group-friendly for those who like bringing in guests

  6. Furnishings can be more youthful

  7. Provided TVs are getting bigger and smarter

  8. Dining tables are being tweaked as work surfaces as well

  9. Some apartment go as far as offer bike-sharing programs

  10. Grocery and dry cleaning deliveries offer great convenience

Corporate-housing companies lease apartments in residential buildings, furnish them and re-rent them as they take advantage of the $2.6 billion US market. (DC)