Top 3 Places to Relocate to in Northern California

“I love living in Northern California, I love the politics. I love the food. I love the culture,” so says actor-director Matt Ross, of the state and Berkeley in particular where he and his family had made their home the past 13 years. The independent filmmaker, whose “Captain Fantastic” received acclaim and a ten-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, still takes frequent trips from the San Francisco Bay area to Hollywood for work, but he finds it a small price to pay for the haven he has found in Berkeley.

  1. Berkeley’s community spirit that nurtures a strong work-life balance is one of the attractions to families thinking of relocating. Ross’ reference to food speaks of the culinary delights that await everyone, resident and tourist, alike who takes the time to stroll around the neighborhoods; farm-to-fork restaurants, speciality cafes, and gourmet tours are within walking distance. Parents like Ross will also be happy to learn that their kids will grow up surrounded  by a thriving arts-and-culture center, top-of-the-line universities, and botanical gardens and seascapes that help create healthier living.

Northern California has been attracting many relocators, from professionals wanting to get a leg up the career ladder and be with innovative thinkers to families who like the proximity of daily life to breathtaking oceans and scenic mountains.  Some of the tech pioneers that have called NorCal their permanent home include companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Cisco, Netflix, and Oracle, which have certainly provided us great technological breakthroughs in smartphones, content streaming, VR, cloud platforms and 3D printing.


  1. Sacramento is another Northern California state worth considering a relocation. Long-time residents boast that the place is never boring. Within a few minutes’ drive of each other is a diverse destination ecosystem that provides you whatever you are looking for, from literary pleasures to ocean views.  Wine countries, redwood parks, beaches, bookstores, and exotic restaurants can be reached within minutes.
  1. Clovis in the San Joaquin Valley offers good schools and a strong community spirit seen in its many festivals and rodeos throughout the year. A vibrant farmer’s market also indicates the agricultural leanings of the people and the underlying support system that holds trading. Clovis is also known for its programs for special children, preparing them to become productive citizens in society as they grow older.

Relocation to these Northern California places are also made easier by choices in affordable housing, which are made available by California Corporate Housing. The amenities are aesthetic and comfortable, and the immediate environment has been vetted for safety, security, and proximity to strategic places like schools, hospitals, and the police station.  It is the center you return to for rest and rejuvenation, after exploring all those fantastic places in Northern California.