Vizio smart device

VIZIO SmartCast Devices Now at California Corporate Housing Units  

Photo by Audrey Morrison

Too much content, and that includes entertainment, may not be a good thing especially if the owner does not know how to manage it. Sometimes, there is a whole lot to take and enjoy, from the latest box-office movies, top chart-busting music for streaming, social media newsfeeds, to TV series episodic-bingeing. Their first tendency is to browse or surf, watch a little in this channel, and listen to songs in this one. While he does get to experience the whole spectrum of content and entertainment, chances are the owner might not have actually immersed themselves in one platform to actually appreciate it.

VIZIO SmartCast devices make this ton of content and entertainment manageable and ultimately and thoroughly accessible to the user by providing him the features to control it. Its new line of HDTVs, the 2017 VIZIO SmartCast E-series, comes equipped with SmartCast apps that allow the user to program his content watching, which can include narrowing and then prioritizing his choices.

SmartCast apps give back the power to the owner who, through his smartphone, can maximize his entertainment experience through the TV screens which have sizes ranging from 32 to 50 inches.

After browsing through the considerable list of content through the SmartCast apps, the user can easily line up a playlist of what he wants to listen to, or watch first. Then he can also program the device from which he can consume a certain show.

The SmartCast app enables delivery of the content not just to one device, but several. The user can line up a news program in the morning in his living room entertainment complex, and browse through the latest video headlines in his iPad while having breakfast in his kitchen. Then coming home from work that night, one of the first things that can greet him is his favorite show that literally lights up the TV in his bedroom as he enters.

Selecting and programming content can be scheduled and assigned to a specific device. The assignee who wants to relax at the end of the day can filter the kind and amount of content he watches. He can immerse himself in each experience and unwind, without being bombarded by all the music, sound, and show that come his way.

During the actual playtime, SmartCast apps can also rearrange the entire playlist. The owner can switch midway from a crime procedural series to a dystopian thriller; this can come in handy for the assignee who, while in the middle of his downtime, suddenly realizes he needs to know more of his boss’ hobbies and inclinations.

Volume can also be increased or lowered through the SmartCast apps. The assignee can switch from loud rock music on his smartphone while running his treadmill to soft classical music half an hour later as he reads his report for the next day’s meeting.

Another thing that makes VIZIO devices a seamless part of the tech lifestyle experience is that they can be integrated with Google Home and its virtual assistant. Make a few adjustments and the owner may just have to call out to his VA who will do all that content programming and device selection easy for him.

Assignees and other on-the-go professionals can redefine the way they consume their content and experience their screen entertainment. California Corporate Housing has installed VIZIO devices with SmartCast connections in some of its units. Visit some of our locations to see first-hand how it can optimize the fun and relaxation that assignees can enjoy during their downtime.