Where Do Top Talents Go? NorCal is One of the Top Destinations

One factor that is critical to your success as a global mobility specialist is matching your assignee with the right city or neighborhood. This alignment comes automatically when you choose your recruits for your company. Skills and corporate experience are not the only things you must consider; your assignee must be able to adapt to the location of the firm where he shall be working for some time. If he struggles with the weather, the culture, the neighborhood, or the people he encounters on a daily basis, it will affect his work.

No region is perfect, but there are some qualities that make some towns, provinces, or states more preferred than others. Relocation and travel professionals who do the research look at affordability, quality of living, state of infrastructure, crime rate or its lack, and family-friendliness.

Here are some of the preferred places of relocation that assignees put on their list time and again:

Northern California, U.S.A

goldengate_bridgeThe state’s multiculturalism and respect for diversity make foreign talents and their loved ones feel very welcome. The usual racial tensions dissolve as ethnic communities trade, work, and live side by side with each other. Northern California openly celebrates its traditions with art festivals, exotic song and dance, specialized restaurants that serve international culinary delights, and bazaars when shopping for clothes, jewelry, bags and other items that come from other continents. Assignees are drawn to Northern California for its mild weather and outdoor living — mountain trails, wildlife parks, biking tours, and clean sandy beaches — which ultimately promote health and wellness.

Auckland, New Zealand


It’s been more than ten years since director Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” has gotten a global audience to visit his home country. One of the beneficiaries is Auckland, which assignees like because of its relaxed lifestyle, efficient services, warm people, and a passion for the arts. That it’s situated near the snowy mountains and the vast green landscapes that created a magical unforgettable world in cinema does not hurt either.

Melbourne, Australia


A pristine, protected environment, top-of-the-line education and state-of-the-art infrastructure have landed Melbourne as THE city to live in, six years straight in a row. From 2010-2016, the EIU’s Global Liveability Ranking has cited a culture that promotes work-life balance, an atmosphere of learning that inspires the youngest child to the most senior citizen to improve himself, and reliable business continuity that ensures excellent service in utilities, transportation, and other public areas.

Helsinki, Finland 

This European city draws assignees because of its unique mixture of old world elegant living and sophisticated 21st century living. Historical houses and museums can be found in the same areas where glass skyscrapers rise and fast Wi Fi flows unimpeded. Art lovers will find this a treasure as design work, from the immortal masters to the  shooting stars, fills the city with many attractive features. Helsinki had been named the World’s Design Capital in 2012.



The Lion City is the most preferred city of habitations of expatriates assigned to Asia. It is at the center of the development of technology in the region, and investments pour in to create startups that aim to improve education, health, commerce, and public transport among others. The cleanliness and the almost-nil crime rate in Singapore are legendary.