How to Develop the Next Level of (Expat) Leaders

Expat life builds critical leadership skills, as IAmExpat declares, adding that “living abroad affects the fundamental structure of self-concept: we get clearer and clearer on who we really are. We understand our behavioral patterns, how we manage emotional transitions, and what makes us resilient.” 

Expats see what many locals may not, because they have the perspective of coming from a different culture — and see with fresh eyes. With an open mind, they can take their talent farther. 

In the United States, foreign talent with next-level leadership is easy to spot. They are constantly learning new things and producing results beyond what can be expected. It’s also good to know if they are inquisitive, always probing and questioning if they have grown in their career, failing or extending their personal learnings to other people. 

There are seasoned and young expats. The business world can and should equip them with the necessary skills to thrive.

Curiosity and inclusion

Interacting with people from different cultural, religious, and political backgrounds makes for a flexible mind. Real curiosity serves as a starting point for building new relationships; social and cultural awareness allows us to develop constructive interactions with others with a wide range of backgrounds. 

Real curiosity can open many doors to new concepts and ideas. Here a few points businesses can look into to contribute their quota in developing the next level of leaders:

  • Build a community that communicates: the task is not to tell businesses to drop their goal and objectives and pursue non-profit projects 100 percent; far from it. The goal is to build a community comprising of businesses and the populace with a cordial relationship among them.
  • The youth and even the whole populace must be able to say for sure why a business has brought a new product and how it can enhance better living.
  • Inspire self-sufficiency and innovation: a person that cannot carry out specific tasks alone will struggle in a group. Businesses must make self-sufficiency a central theme to their dealings. This fixed point will contribute to a world where everyone is complete in themselves.
  • Make an impact: no one forgets the fellow that helps him grow. Businesses must begin to see beyond their trade. They have benefitted from a community; the art of giving back must be encouraged. Several programs and projects have been done by companies to help young people realize their potential and change their world, but there is still much more to be done. Businesses must rise to this challenge and help build a world one can be proud of.

Change the world

It is no news that everything is not right with the world system. And the onus is on the leaders to change things around. What has been on the wave recently is that young people around the world are not waiting for governments and people in authorities to effect the change anymore. Many individuals and groups have taken it upon themselves to change their immediate society. This decision is the beginning of exciting things.

Leaders are not formed when they became adults and old. It is the attitude and habits that have been evident right from childhood that continues to show forth. Good leadership then is not an issue of age but possession of the right attitudes. 

So what needs to be done? Organizations and companies in different parts of the world are helping young people realize their goals and help others fulfill their potential. The truth, however, is that there is still more work to be done.

Studies have shown that the majority of businesses are not built to cater to the needs of the younger generation. Instead, these businesses are more concerned with the needs of their target audience. That has to change, businesses, and of course, expats in the US must realize that to stay relevant and impactful in the world today, they must follow the new trend: listening to the young.