Everyday is Like a New Day in South Bascom Unit in San Jose, CA

“There’s no day like today!”

That anthem, sung so beautifully in the award-winning Broadway play “Rent,” invites you to seize the day and all that it offers the minute you wake up.  And while admittedly it is easier said than done, especially if you’ve been pulling long hours, it can be yours as one of the residents of the South Bascom condominium unit in San Jose, California.

It’s the quietude that first hits you.  It is knowing, as you wake up, that this day is yours that just makes you want to hold still for a moment.  It’s taking stock of what your mind and heart want, and what your body is capable of, before you race off for the day.  That, in a nutshell, is the secret of meditation – and why those famous tycoons and millionaires we read about actually schedule an hour of solo concentration before even checking their first email.

This unit reinforces that feeling by the sense of mastery it gives you. This two-bedroom living space offers you the full comfort of the modern home while guaranteeing your privacy and respect for space.  There is breathing space in each room – from the living room downstairs, the state-of-the-art kitchen to the sleeping areas.  All that makes you just want to sit or lie still for the remainder of the day, relishing every precious quiet minute that is so hard to find in the busy city. The sunlight that streams through the transparent window panes complements the muted colors, promising a new beginning that might even become more wonderful as the day goes by

south bascom bedroom

Then, as the stillness settles in your spirit, the energy begins to build up.  The modern appliances that exude that air of efficiency, amazingly arrayed in harmony with the elegant wooden furniture and the arresting 21st century design of the sofa, chairs, and pillows, set you up for what lies ahead. Power breakfasts – and later, needed evening snacks – can be fixed within minutes in that space, as you click on the nearest LED TV to check the news.  The positioning of the furniture also reminds you that the place is always ready – and again, spacious – for the next power meeting you want to hold in your home, away from the office.  Energetic souls like you will find the design and structure of the unit conducive and enduring for your social requirements.

The neighborhood has been a home for power movers for years.  There is no slacking in the area.  There are diners that can start off you with a quick but nutritious meal for the day, and there are pizza joints where you can exercise your creativity skills to create that one pizza that can celebrate your night.  And in case you need to boost your health or just re-evaluate your physical status, health centers are within short distance.  South Bascom awaits.

sout bascom bath