In These Northern California Homes, You Enter New Worlds of Adventure

How would you like to race in the Grand Prix, explore the marvels of space, and rediscover your inner hero – all without leaving your home?

It’s been a rough ride at the office, and the usual bar-hopping and gym sessions aren’t enough to relieve you of that stress that’s been on your back the whole day.  A huge part of you just wants to leave everything behind and recapture that sense of excitement that usually recharges you every morning.  And this time, that bestselling thriller on your Kindle and that sci-fi show you’ve been binging on leave you wanting for more.  You just want to be somewhere else, do something else that will kick your adrenaline back into overdrive, but money, time, and commitments just keep you cooped up in that lonely place you call home.

Not unless you are renting one of the units of California Corporate Housing (CCH), which comes equipped with smart systems that let you get a good night’s sleep and an Amazon Echo that makes you call on command your favorite tunes.  In its campaign to elevate 21st century living, CCH literally opens the doorway for its tenants to brave new worlds and live exhilarating adventures through some of its Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.

Virtual Reality is the next step to advanced entertainment.  Put on that headset and pretty soon the digital circuitry in those equipment will immerse you in another world.  The headset removes you from the dire world you want to temporarily vacate and places you in the center of the action.  The 3-D imagery makes you an active player in this environment, and the sounds that filter through those set pieces augment the experience of a car ride, a war zone, or the more soothing sensations of rolling waves and bird calls as you walk on that virtual beach.

Touch adds another level of reality to your adventure, thanks to those type of VR systems with gloves.  In the real world, your arms just might be grasping at air, but the electronic gloves simulate the metallic touch of that steering wheel or the softness of a leaf that you decided to pick up from the sand.

VR has long been associated with game buffs, but global mobility professionals like yourself have gone beyond zombie-hunting and monster-blasting to live out more pleasant but yet stimulating forms of entertainment.  Many of them turn to VRs to embark on experiences connected with travel, tourism, exploration, sports, and design.  Safaris in Africa, underwater journeys thousands of miles under the sea, a gravity-free walk on a lunar base, and redecorating the interiors of a ranch or an office are some of the out-of-this-world experiences that they escape to, every time they want some ‘me alone’ time.

VR’s are a doorway that can stimulate your mind and recharge your spirits.  Try them out when you visit our offices. We may have some in our rentals in Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale; that is, if our guests are not busy using them.