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What Assignees Can Expect Working and Living in San Jose, CA

There are a lot of assignees who live and work in San Jose, Northern California mostly because of the Silicon-Valley connection. Facebook, Google, Microsoft and the dozens of tech startups continue to attract and employ talents from all parts of the world. These foreign nationals are also drawn by the state’s culture which has been described as a mixture of urban convenience and small-city relaxation.

San Jose has the modern facilities and structures that make industrial regions comfortable to live in. However, its atmosphere is more congenial, friendly, and open, without the stress and competitive spirit that are usually associated with crowded melting pots of employment and economics.

One reason for this is that the state government actively takes care of its environment, with the enthusiastic support of the area’s one million residents. Tree-planting projects help usher in cool air and shade from the heat while dotting the landscape with attractive verdant visuals. Street vehicles and other public transport make use of alternative fuel, relieving San Jose from the pollution that has bogged down other locations. Home owners are encouraged to use cutting-edge recycling facilities that convert waste into usable energy. All these combine to make the air breathable and its grounds and water safe and thriving.

Coupled with San Jose’s temperate climate and proximity to the beaches, sports and wellness buffs, workaholics who want to slow down  during weekends, and families who want their children to live in a safe healthy environment are drawn to the healthy lifestyle being cultivated by the state.

California Corporate Housing collaborates with global mobility specialists to help their assignees find the kind of accommodations suitable to their needs, as well as their families’. The neighborhoods are safe, with access to integral establishments such as schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and the fire department.

Being part of the San Jose space opens up the assignee to a happy, health-minded community with members who like nature trails with the same passion that they ride on roller coasters.

Gyms offer up opportunities to get back into shape, while they can soak up in warmth in hot tubs in the next building. With neighborly barbecues a part of the San Jose tradition, assignees can get invited to one of these family-friendly parties any time. If they want to do some work outside of their unit, but without returning to their office, there are plenty of business centers in the area. Free Wi-Fi is easily accessible.

Transportation to the various parts of the state is convenient and quick. Trains are the favorite mode of transport. The tech companies usually are located near the stations, or provide special shuttle services it they are not. The one place in the area where driving is required is Cupertino. Assignees working there would need their own vehicle and have to get a driver’s license.

Lovers of learning can expand their horizons further with a trip to museums like the San Jose Museum of Art, the Tech Museum of Innovation, and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. If they prefer to enjoy another adrenaline rush during their weekends, Raging Waters has a lot of water funnels and slides where they can soak, swim, and just splash around. The Great America amusement park offers thrilling rides, concert scenes, and IMAX movie screenings.

Assignees can also feel welcome at the abundance of ethnic communities in San Jose. Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, and other foreign nationalities have made their own cluster of homes. A tour to these enclaves can become a gastronomic treat in one of their restaurants, or a unique shopping experience involving their arts, crafts, fashion design, furniture, and other interesting, homegrown pieces.

San Jose, California remains one of the most sought-after places for employment by assignees. Aside from the opportunities offered by the tech boom, they can also enjoy a lifestyle that emphasizes work-life balance while opening up fantastic worlds of entertainment.